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The Blue Lagoon || Survival, Slimefun, Custom Worlds, Claims || Skyblock coming soon || EULA compliant!

The Blue Lagoon

New server looking for all types of players!

We offer a variety of plugins to add to the playability of survival.

Slimefun: More items and resources!
Custom made experience farm setup for slimefun researches
Jobs and skill perks
Economy with server shop, auction house, and player shops
Custom items with tier perks
Dynamic world map
Custom overworld and custom end map
New 1.16 nether
Resetting resource, nether and end worlds
Griefprevention to protect your builds
PvP in the resource worlds. No pvp in home overworld.
Custom mobs coming soon

All ranks free! Just complete certain tasks to rankup
EULA-compliant and will always be. NO PAY TO WIN.

We will also be adding Skyblock soon!

You can join our discord for more information and inquiries.