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RABS 3 – 1.19 Hermitcraft Style Server

  • Survival, Vanilla Server
  • Inspired by the Hermitcraft Youtube Series
  • Discord is directly linked with the Minecraft chat, allowing you to communicate with people on and off the server (coming soon)
  • Various datapacks and plugins for a more enjoyable experience, such as mob head drops, concrete cauldron
  • Shopping district, allowing you to buy and sell items as part of a community
  • A friendly and active staff team
  • Updated better structures, such as pillager towers
  • Vanilla gameplay – the only other changes are aesthetic ones that don’t affect gameplay
  • Bi-weekly youtube uploads, highlighting the builds and achievements of the server
  • Survival minigames district coming soon, a fun place to play and make minigames with fellow players
  • Lots of community events planned
  • Connected to a discord server with over 200 members. Link –