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Come join us we have a category for everyone.
Survival (With a custom world generator)
McMMO and Silkspawners
– Loads of minigames
Hunger games and PVP arenas
SkyBlock – 3 different types
Disguises and Pets
Factions with mystery crates
Creative Plotworld with Worldedit
Chest shop
Parkour, Mazes and Spleef
We are adding more plugins to the server as we go along to make it more fun.
Join our community:


Busty girl Minecraft server header

Hot Girls Minecraft Server

There is a reason why girls with fantastic breasts like Minewind so much, but I have a sneaking suspicion that ...
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Official shark hater Minecraft server

Official Shark Hater Server

I have hated sharks even since I was little and punched shark in the face once at age 7. Shark ...
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Minecraft Hentai Server Banner

Hentai Minecraft Server

Not everyone wants to be cute, sometimes we like to get really lewd! The idea is to see if we can find ...
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Super futa Minecraft server

Superfuta Minecraft Server

The cutest futanari girls play here with a big smile on their faces that they won’t be able to keep ...
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Dark Souls Minecraft Server

Dark Souls Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a very hard game it can be easy to get overwhelmed and quit because of this, this guide ...
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Awakening in hentai haven in Minecraft

Hentai Haven Replacement Server

It’s crazy but one day I woke up in hentai heaven, with an angel looking at me. But nothing came ...
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