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BeardCraft: Vanilla + Land Claims!

Back to basics! Enjoy survival without the usual public server problems.

  • Grief-free! With GriefPrevention, we have an unbeatable, easy-to-use anti-grief which protects your builds, your chests, your animals, and even the items you drop when you die. The server also automatically mutes and bans spammers and chat trolls.
  • No world borders. Go anywhere you want!
  • No Lag! Professionally hosted in a Seattle data-center on performance hardware. That means no lag for players in the US, and little to no lag for those outside the US as well!
  • Easy to start. If you know how to play single player, you’ll know how to play BeardCraft.
  • Quick to start. With Population Density, you’ll start close to the edge of our explored map – This means easy-to-find ores, animals, and space to build quickly and easily!
  • Fast Travel. Also a perk of Population Density, teleportation posts are placed every 400 blocks to help you quickly travel to meet up with friends, trade, or explore our huge world.
  • Discord. An active Discord community means you’ll never be playing alone! Join the server to request a link to join, or wait for an announcement to cycle through with the address!
  • This server is FREE.

    We don’t believe in holding fun game elements hostage and asking for ransom. Without paying anything at all, you can access 100% of our world and 100% of Minecraft’s game features. You will not be required to vote, make any purchases, or limit your play time.

    Thanks for trying us out!!