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Red Regiment

We believe donations from players should not be required to keep the server up. We also believe players should be able to focus on building things and forming a community instead of trying to be “above” one another. Therefore all players have most commands and the owner funds everything from their pocket.

Only staff have abilities above the players, to make sure everyone follows the rules, in order to keep the system habitable for a wide range of people. There is no private property, in order to create a trusting community, hence the “communism” theme, (which is mostly all a joke), and we have rollback in case of griefs.

To start building once on the server, type /RTP. You also have access to all warps by doing /warp – most of them were built by the owner. We also have a 1:1000 scale Earth world that you can build on(it’s where spawn is), it just doesn’t have any trees.


Regimental Guard – secret police, law enforcement and intel gatherers/spies. Has abilities equivalent to a mod on regular servers.

General – directors of the Regimental Guard and functions as second in command. Has abilities equivalent to an admin on regular servers.