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CoconutSMP [1.17] Java & Bedrock! | No Grief | PvE | Non Pay2Win | Just Opened

The CoconutSMP is available on Bedrock Edition and Java Edition!

CoconutSMP [1.17] Java & Bedrock! | No Grief | PvE | Non Pay2Win | Just Opened Minecraft Server

The CoconutSMP is an open world SMP that’s available to all 1.17 Players!

Our server includes:

– Free Ranks for playing!
– A 20,000 by 20,000 Block World
– An economy controlled by the players
– No purchasable ranks, kits, or crate keys
– The Vanilla SMP experience, no crates, kits, or /fly

* We don’t even have a /shop, you can only sell Diamonds on the CoconutSMP!
The economy is controlled by the players using ChestShops.

All Items on our Store are cosmetic because we believe in equal opportunity.
All Claimblocks are rewarded through voting, you can’t purchase them.

Join us now! We just opened!

Bedrock: (Port 19132)

CoconutSMP [1.17] Java & Bedrock! | No Grief | PvE | Non Pay2Win | Just Opened Minecraft Server

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SoulcoreMC – SEASON 2

SoulcoreMC Prison SEASON 2

We offer a wide variety of features including Gangs, Auto-Mining, Backpacks, Pets, Charms, Custom Enchants & Much more you can explore by joining today!

Some of the content we offer:

– Gangs
– Auto-Miner
– Backpacks
– 40+ Pets

– Payouts
– Player Owned Shops
– Unique Enchants
– Unlimited Prestiging
– Pickaxe Charms
– Pickaxe Perks
– Item Forging
– Multipliers
– Mystery Boxes
– Multiplier Stash
– Fortune Teller

117survival 117x Customitems Custommobs Customterrain Nonpay2win Survival

Dragoncraft [BETA] – providing a modded experience without mods | Custom blocks, items, mobs, and armor without optifine! | 1.17.1

The goal of this server is to provide a modded experience, without mods. It accomplishes this through a variety of plugins, a custom world generator, and datapacks like incendium and nullscape to enhance the nether and end, and overworld. We also have custom mobs, some of which even have their own custom models. The wither boss fight has been completely redesigned, and the server has craftable guns and custom armor and items to balance the mobs. We have implemented custom mobs, items, weapons, world generation, blocks, furniture, plants, and even custom armors without the need for optifine. Upon server release I plan to start work on more custom structures, custom dimensions, along with a server website, and non-P2W store for cosmetics so people can support the server, allowing me to add new features much faster, and upgrade server performance.

Gifs showing some of the custom mobs:´╗┐

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Funiverse Nations Maps | 1.17.1 | Free Build | Dynmap | Small Community

Welcome To Funiverse!
A Group of Creative Builders!
Starting as a small group on Xbox 360 back in 2015 Funiverse has had building at it’s core. Ever since the beginning Funiverse has remained relatively private but with innovations and updates with Minecraft it was decided the best course for Funiverse was as a server. Our server offers newcomers a place to build with fellow builders who find enjoyment in improving their own building skills.

Our Maps:
Free Build World
Everyone who joins immediately gets access to our Free Build World. Here you can claim land for building which also serves to protect your builds. Everyone starts off with 500 blocks to claim and earns 250 every hour played. Those who show interest and trustworthiness towards the server will earn the opportunity to advance towards the next maps listed!

New Funiverse & Vehicle Plots (WIP)
These maps are the next step for Funiverse itself! The goal of Funiverse is to create nations via semi-realistic builds and roleplay. Compete or Cooperate with fellow players working to build the biggest nations in Funiverse!

Legacy Maps
These maps are around for *mostly* historical purpose. Funiverse: Classic is where we started back in 2015 while Funiverse: Alter was our answer to an update on Bedrock Edition which prevented us from playing Classic. Legacy Build World served as a map for us to find potential people to play on the two maps. We keep these three worlds around as a monument to how we got here!

We also have a Dynamic Map for map viewing! It can be found here: Dynmap

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Hollow Rift [1.17.1] SMP | Grief Prevention | Economy | Land Claiming | Vote Rewards | AUCTION HOUSE | Community | TRADE SYSTEM | ACTIVE DISCORD

Hollow Rift  [1.17.1]  SMP | Grief Prevention | Economy | Land Claiming | Vote Rewards | AUCTION HOUSE | Community | TRADE SYSTEM | ACTIVE DISCORD Minecraft Server

1.17.1 server with some plugins to improve quality of life in game. Great community server with lots of improvements to come.

-Anti griefing
-land claim
-auction house
-npc shops and player shops

Server IP:

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KraxiaMC – Skyblock RPG (Leveling/Talents/Prestige)

KraxiaMC - Skyblock RPG (Leveling/Talents/Prestige) Minecraft Server


  • Kraxia is a Skyblock server with a twist… Between the various quests, open world inspired town (spawn), dungeons, leveling, talents and prestige systems, we’re sure that you’ve never seen a server quite like this. Kraxia prides itself on being a community-driven environment and is constantly evolving based on the needs and interests of the community.

  • Kraxia is a traditional Skyblock server with many RPG elements, including a full 1-60 leveling system (xp is gained from farming, forestry, ranching, mining and fishing), featuring a dynamic quest line and various daily quests and challenges. Throughout the server you will find yourself immersed in a traditional RPG setting all based around your island and your experience. We respect that everyone is unique and based on that we’ve created a unique talents system that allows you to play how you want to play!
  • KraxiaMC - Skyblock RPG (Leveling/Talents/Prestige) Minecraft Server


  • Kraxia has been in development for over four years prior to release. The progress has been slow and steady and the final product is something we are very excited to share with the Minecraft audience! Our small development team have created unique systems exclusive to our community and never seen before content to the larger Minecraft community. We are pleased to share our work with you and invite you to explore our uniquely crafted server!

  • Kraxia has a dedicated Discord and Twitter where you can stay up-to-date with the latest features and changes to our community server. Our helpful staff and community members are just a quick message away from answering your questions!

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    Hello! Welcome to the Darth mp! This SMP’s is new of Saturday, May 15th, 2021! Community based! We do lots of lore on this server. We decorate for each holiday and do fun games! There is a whitelist on this server however, we accept everyone! You must join the discord to get whitelisted! Just join the discord, click #whitelist­čĺŤ , and type your IGN!

    You will get a notification when you have been whitelisted!

    The plugins we use are, set home, one sleep, warp, and core protect.


    Anarchy Hacking Hacksallowed Smp Survival Vanilla

    Music4lity’s Anarchy Server | SMP | NO RULES

    Pretty much what the title says. FULL ANARCHY server. Come do whatever you want, we don’t care. Build something cool, blow off some steam, destroy something cool that someone made and will probably piss them off, grief, whatever. Just do it to it.
    1.12 – 1.17.1

    Roleplay Smp Survival Terramc War

    Earth MC

    Hi! Welcome to Terra MC!

    We are a Geopolitical SMP server where you are free to join or create cities, interact with other players, mine and craft as you please and have a peace of mind that your time spent here will never go to waste.
    There is no need to register and login as this is a premium-only server!
    Terra MC is run by highly competent admins, moderators and developers who have valuable experience running trustworthy, secure and efficient Minecraft servers, especially this one.
    Delays, downtime and corruption are a thing of the past, and that’s a promise.
    This server is run 100% by donations and my own money and your contributions are and will be greatly appreciated.
    Terra MC is and will always be open 24/7/365 for everyone.

    And most importantly, enjoy your stay and have a great time!

    Faction Pvp

    Olympus Pvp

    welcome to Olympus Pvp .
    We are a new Factions server .
    Planning on Joining a network of servers as we grow in time
    remember to always have fun ­čÖé

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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