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ApexOne Official SMP

– adds an RPG skill system to Minecraft (like MCMMO)
– each skill has a skill tree, with an additional global skill tree
– Intuitive experience gain
– 3 different token types to be invested in each skill tree

Extra Hardmode:
– Standard mobs have extra attacks and are harder to kill
– Carry Weight System

– Adds powerful magic wands and other items
– Over 200 spells

– Make mobs even harder depending on you guild rank.
– Get better gear as you level up
– Enhance your favorite Gear at the Enhancer
– Epic Dungeons and hard to beat Bosses

Other great plugins:
– Slimefun
– Brewery
– Lockette

See you There.

Mini Games Skyblock Skywars Survival


The strongest Serbian Community never jaciiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is the strongest srv EVER
the strongest community
many mini games !!!

Economy Prison Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

Usrus Craft

Welcome To Usrus Craft. We Are A Pretty New Server Looking To Be The Next Big Thing.
We Have 64 Custom Made Prison Ranks And Unlike Others You Can BREAK FREE.
We Are Hosted On A Powerful Machine So Uptime Isnt An Issue.
Please Give Us A Shot And Let Us Know What You Think

Factions Survival


The PumpkinSMP is a friendly SMP with wars and nations. We have a lot of nations that fight with each other and we just started so there’s enough time to catch up with other playrers!

Factions Pvp Survival

Play United

new server. looking for staff.
new players and ideas to make the server better!
this is democratic server for you guys!
this is survival game and faction. maybe u got some ideas? just join
and we will discuss!

Mcmmo Pvp Survival


Welcome to Simple Minecraft MMO

McMMO —Works.
Landclaiming —Works.
Enderdragon Respawn —Works.
Spawn with Plots —Works but improved over time.
The ability to make your own Shops —Working on it
EndPortal in spawn —Check

The first 8 players to get 100 in McMMO totall gets 1x “10×10” Plot
in the spawn

The first 3 players to get 1000 in McMMO totall gets 1 Elytra

Mini Games Pvp Survival

Furry Cove

Not what the title says. Join and play classic survive game mode or play bed wars. plugins to help increase the fun.

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival

Empire Survival

Version: 1.16.5
– Protections.
– New and Improved Mob Arena.
– Jobs.
– Auctions.
– Vips conseguible in Game.
– McMMo Enhanced.
– Fast Mining.
– Fast felling.
– Quick girlfriends.
– Lucky Blocks.
– Customs enchantments.
– Reaction en Chat.
– Jail.
– Staff of legal age.


Sans Junior High

A Smp Server for the youtuber SansIsHere. It is a semi survival server with a few plugins like essentials, treefeller and silk spawners.

Creative Mini Games Survival

Royale Network

Royale Network is a Minecraft Survival, Creative, and Minigame Server by Royale Tryhards.

– TNT Run
– Paintball
– Parkour
– Duels
– Bedwars (Coming Soon)

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