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Version .. Griefer server no gm JOIN Minecraft server FASTER

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Xenon survival

🌟 Welcome to Xenon Minecraft Survival Server! 🌍

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in a world filled with endless possibilities? Look no further! Xenon is the ultimate Minecraft Survival Server, where your journey begins and your creativity knows no bounds.

🏡 Create Your Oasis:
Build your dream home in our vast and beautifully crafted world. From towering castles to cozy cottages, the only limit is your imagination. With a dedicated and friendly community, you’ll never feel alone in your quest for the perfect abode.

⚔️ Thrilling Adventures Await:
Venture into the unknown with our customized world generation that guarantees surprises around every corner. Explore mysterious dungeons, conquer challenging bosses, and uncover hidden treasures that will make your heart race.

🤝 Community-driven Gameplay:
At Xenon, we believe in the power of community. Team up with fellow players to take on epic challenges, trade resources, and forge alliances that will stand the test of time. Our active and welcoming community is always ready to lend a helping hand.

🌐 Dynamic Economy:
Participate in a thriving player-driven economy. Set up shop, trade goods, and become a prosperous entrepreneur. Whether you’re a master builder or a savvy trader, Xenon has a place for every player.

💎 Custom Features:
Xenon offers unique and exciting features that set us apart from the rest. From custom mobs to exclusive events, our server is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Discover the joy of playing Minecraft like never before!

🚀 Join Us Today!
Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Join Xenon now and become part of a growing community that shares your passion for Minecraft. Our server is waiting for you, ready to unleash a world of possibilities!

🌐 Connect with us:
📱 Discord:
📌 IP Address:

🔥 Xenon – Where the Adventure Begins! 🔥

Minecraft Minecraftserver Survival


Java IP:

Majestic Craft, a truly exceptional server where you’ll
embark on unforgettable adventures. We pride ourselves on being a
laid-back, grief-free, economy-based SMP server that prioritizes
community above all else. Whether you’re a Java or Bedrock player,
everyone is invited to join in on the fun!

Our server boasts a wide range of carefully chosen plugins that enhance
your gameplay experience while staying true to Minecraft’s core essence.
With features like keep inventory, player warps, grief prevention, and
much more, you’ll find your journey in our world truly magical.

Show your unwavering support for our server by casting your vote and be
rewarded with free ranks, unlocking exciting perks like additional
homes, unique prefixes, the ability to run your own chest shops, and
much more!

So, why not grab a cozy seat, settle in, and make Majestic Craft your
new Minecraft home? Join us on this incredible adventure today!


Welcome to the Diplomine Minecraft server

To play on the server you need to go to the discord server –

Bosses Casino Clans Cracked Crates Etc Fun Kits Mcmmo Newserver Opsurvival Raiding Ranks Shop Survival

Log Horizon

Play in an open world where you have to mine, craft, and hunt for resources to expand your territory as the king of an emperor and rule over the great world of survival. This Minecraft has crates, kits, ranks, a casino, bosses, and a lot more. What are you waiting for? Join now, and do invite your friends too.

Version: 1.8 – 1.20
Cracked: Allow


AllTtheMods 9 12G Dallas TX SMP

I started this server so we can play with friends a family. its been fun so far so I i figured id send out a “Come join us”. I’ll keep the server active till ATM 10 population pending. Everything is activated so no nerfs. Just be respectful and enjoy the game if you troll then poof, Here’s a Intro:

All the Mods 9: A Journey of Limitless Possibilities

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with “All the Mods 9,” the latest iteration in the renowned “All the Mods” Minecraft modpack series. This modpack isn’t just a game; it’s a boundless universe of creativity, innovation, and exploration, meticulously crafted to ignite the imagination of both solo adventurers and team players alike.

For the Solo Explorer:
As a single player, “All the Mods 9” offers you a world where every login brings a new discovery. Imagine a realm where the limits of Minecraft are expanded beyond your wildest dreams. From the depths of intricate cave systems to the far reaches of mysterious dimensions, every corner of this modpack is a new story waiting to be written by you. The diversity of mods introduces you to a plethora of new blocks, items, and creatures, ensuring that no two days in your Minecraft journey are ever the same.

You’ll encounter challenges that test your skills in crafting, exploration, and combat. With mods that add new mechanics and systems, your strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities will constantly be engaged. Whether you’re an architect constructing your dream base, a wizard mastering arcane arts, or an engineer building complex machinery, “All the Mods 9” caters to every playstyle.

For the Team Players:
If teamwork is your forte, “All the Mods 9” elevates the multiplayer experience to a new level. Gather your friends and dive into a world where collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of this vast modpack. Share resources, strategize on building grand structures, or split tasks to efficiently conquer the most challenging dungeons and bosses. The joy of discovering new mods and features is amplified when shared, making every session with friends an unforgettable adventure.

The modpack encourages players to combine their unique skills and knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned modpack veteran guiding newcomers or a group of friends learning together, the sense of community and teamwork in “All the Mods 9” is unparalleled.

Endless Customization and Progression:
With “All the Mods 9,” your journey is truly your own. The modpack is designed to cater to a wide range of playstyles, allowing you to customize your experience. Whether you’re interested in magic, technology, exploration, or building, there’s always a path of progression that suits your style. The mods are carefully selected and updated to ensure a balanced and rewarding progression system.

Java Pvp Spigot Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist


A new Minecraft SMP server with the following specifications:

* Spigot Server (only few plugins)
* Java 1.20.2
* Whitelist server (Join Discord)
* Survival Multiplayer
* PVP allowed
* 20+ players
* Uptime: ~100%

Please join us at Discord to get in touch with other players on that server:

Survival Multiplayer

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Bedwars Kitpvp Parkour Skywars Survival Tntrun


Support Both Edition Java+Bedrock/Pocket
Java InfoIP: All
Bedrock/Pocket InfoIP: : 25090VERSION: 1.19.80+

Creative Economy Quests Ranks Survival Vanillasurvival

Swedish SMP with economics, claims, skills and VIP ranks. We try to stay close to vanilla Minecraft, but with a little extra functionality. Separate lobby island with shops, training arena with quests, Creative world for ranked players. We strive to have a cohesive small group of players where everyone can feel safe from sabotage, and meet a welcoming community. Welcome to MClir!