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The Hunt for Scorbutic’s Treasure

Here’s the deal…

*7 clues hidden throughout the world – each one leading to the next
*1st player to find the final clue wins 100 DOLLARS in REAL-LIFE money

Once the final clue is found (should take a while, the clues are fairly difficult), there will be a brief non-contest period before we do it all over again.

So…do you have what it takes to be the first to find Captain Scorbutic’s Treasure?

But hey, if you’re not into that, we’ve got a very small but friendly community that just likes to hang out in discord and build cool things on our server đŸ™‚

Other Server Features:
* AcuteLoot to make boring items a little more interesting
* BetterPets – Earn inventory pets through Job progression
* EnchantmentSolution – 60+ new enchantments
* Hunger Games PvP Arena
* Jobs (you can choose up to 3!)
* MCMMO – progressive leveling as you play
* Trade System for safe trading
*UltimateShops – Open up your own shops almost anywhere in the world