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Forsaken Network

Welcome to your new home.

The Forsaken Network is composed of both SMP and custom-made minigames servers designed for the most recent version of Minecraft. We have plenty of unique features, including:


  • Custom structures in all three dimensions for you to explore, conquer, and loot!
  • No pay-to-win features at all! All game-changing ranks can only be earned in-game!
  • A Hermitcraft-style economy that’s entirely player run, as only diamonds can be sold to generate money.
  • A world seed selected to ensure maximum biome availability and variety.
  • Plugins are only designed to enhance the survival experience, and never change or remove fundamental features of survival Minecraft.
  • Griefing free with an easy-to-use grief system and rollback system!
  • Crates that can be unlocked by voting, participating in events, or even just mining!
  • Minigames:

  • Ten 100% made from scratch minigames designed to have a party-style play-with-your-friends feel to them!
  • Quick-hitting games designed to finish in five minutes or less to constantly keep the excitement!
  • A coin system with power-ups and perks designed to give you the edge!
  • A singular queue system that cycles through all minigames so you only need two players to instantly start playing!
  • IP: