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Funiverse Nations Maps | 1.17.1 | Free Build | Dynmap | Small Community

Welcome To Funiverse!
A Group of Creative Builders!
Starting as a small group on Xbox 360 back in 2015 Funiverse has had building at it’s core. Ever since the beginning Funiverse has remained relatively private but with innovations and updates with Minecraft it was decided the best course for Funiverse was as a server. Our server offers newcomers a place to build with fellow builders who find enjoyment in improving their own building skills.

Our Maps:
Free Build World
Everyone who joins immediately gets access to our Free Build World. Here you can claim land for building which also serves to protect your builds. Everyone starts off with 500 blocks to claim and earns 250 every hour played. Those who show interest and trustworthiness towards the server will earn the opportunity to advance towards the next maps listed!

New Funiverse & Vehicle Plots (WIP)
These maps are the next step for Funiverse itself! The goal of Funiverse is to create nations via semi-realistic builds and roleplay. Compete or Cooperate with fellow players working to build the biggest nations in Funiverse!

Legacy Maps
These maps are around for *mostly* historical purpose. Funiverse: Classic is where we started back in 2015 while Funiverse: Alter was our answer to an update on Bedrock Edition which prevented us from playing Classic. Legacy Build World served as a map for us to find potential people to play on the two maps. We keep these three worlds around as a monument to how we got here!

We also have a Dynamic Map for map viewing! It can be found here: Dynmap