Crates Custom Economy Mini Games Plugins Skyblock Survival Vanilla


We have many things to do such as Challenges, Economy, Crate System.


Semi-Vanilla with No Economy


HungerGames: This game you fight to the death, last person standing is the winner

Block-Head: Avoid blocks falling from the sky to stay alive

Block Farm: Claim Most Land To Win

Hide and Seek: Become an object / mob to hide and the seeker must find you and kill you.

Gun Games: FFA, OITC, TDM, INF

Snake: The goal is to avoid collision with other players snakes and your own.

About us:

We have helpful staff and a friendly community.

♦ Updated to Minecraft 1.9.2
♦ 10gb server
♦ Tons of Premium Plugins From Spigot
♦ Custom Island Schematics


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