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OnlyVanilla – 1.17.1

Remember the days where servers didn’t have all those fancy plugins that got in the way of what the true Minecraft experience is like? Here at OnlyVanilla we strive to give you Minecraft in its purest form.

What we offer:

  • Minecraft (1.17) as it is. no drop parties, no kits, no crazy ranks, just classic Minecraft.
  • An infinite world without a world border.
  • No admin interference
  • Tight knit and supportive community
  • A server wiki to document the servers history
  • A discord so you can communicate with players outside the game.
  • A website (
  • An extremely active admin
  • “The Champions Tour”
  • You are on paper not vanilla! This server does have a few plugins for moderation. This is necessary as players would be able to easily cheat without getting caught. The plugins are NOT noticeable unless you are breaking the rules.

    For those who need more than vanilla we have something for you! We have a champions tour that happens every so often and it is a server wide event. This tour has multiple gamemodes and qualifiers. The tournament is one month long and crowns a new champion everytime.