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MugPlanet | Family Friendly Server

Howdy Folks! I’m so excited you want to inquire more about our server!

MugPlanet is a collaboration between two older servers; DonutCraft and MugPlanet. We currently have four seperate worlds with their own features and gameplay:

  • Survival – Your plain survival world.
  • Creative – Just as the name says. Claim a plot and start building!
  • Minigames – We are always working on a new Minigame, so get some friends together and check them out!
  • Event – This world changes frequently, so check back often!
  • We have a few simple rules in place to keep MugPlanet happy, healthy, and family-friendly. You must agree to our rules upon the first join to play!

    To join our discord, put into your browser! You should receive an invite from there!

    On Behalf of Mugplanet,
    – DonutyBuffalo, Co-Owner