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Join now for a small, growing server! With common updates and stsff who respect and listen to their community! If would love to cause wars, fights, world domination, World Wars and more, then join now! Even if you love PvP faction servers then we would recommend joining this one! Our two main aims are to both grow and make this server as clean and entertaining as possible! If you would like to help then come on down and play!

We have a discord server to communicate with others. We have a DiscordSRV if you would like to chat to those online even if you are offline. We currently have 20+ members. Who live worldwide!

If you are interested in becoming staff then join our discord server and head over to #staff-applications and apply there! We are hoping for staff from almost every country. We are also hoping for effective and efficient mods who we can promote to admin!

The owner of the server also plays, however, he is fair and had demoted himself down to his own owner role where he cannot tp, fly, go into creative, etc!

If you experience any bugs or issues or suspect any hackers please inform use via the minecraft chat or in discord where you can file a ticket!

If you would also like to become part of the support team, it is very simple to do so, simply apply you will 90% of them time get the role!

We hope to see many of you there and we hope to entertain you all through tough boring times!


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GreenyLands (it may take a sec to join) 1.16.5

join greenylands it may take a sec to join but have fun and dont worry but ineed staff right now so i wold love to have some players willng to have staff but i am going to tell you this is a good sevrer
so dont be rude i want nice communty for GreenyLands

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HELLO!!!! My name is I_Am_Orion or Orion! Whatever you prefer! I am a big fan of servers like Hermitcraft, How To Minecraft, and Cubecraft and always wanted to create that as my own! So I just recently made that a reality! On top of that, we created this server which is our mini game server! We are mainly a survival server but we use a completely separate server to host our minigames on! I hope you’ll join our survival server, but if you prefer only minigames, that’s fine too! I also was a fan of famous youtubers like The Pack, CampingRusher, SkyDoesMinecraft, and others playing minigames and always wished I had those friends to play with! Well if you did too, now you can have it! Our minigame server hosts new minigames almost every week for everyone to play! I hope to see you join our awesome community!

Looking for a fun server to play minigames with a community you know?!

Well you’ve come to the right place! LunarMC is the perfect server for you to come and do just that! Play in our weekly events for rewards on LunarMC or just play for the fun of it!

What in the world is LunarMC?

Well LunarMC is our main 1.16 survival server in which we all come together to create an awesome community and build together! Keep in mind that joining our survival server is not necessary for you to participate in our events, but you would have A LOT more fun if you did simply because you would get to know all the people you will be playing with and you get to actually use the rewards you gain from our events!

To find more information about it, visit one of these links! You won’t regret it!

(Link removed)


Anyways… back to the events!

LunarMC hosts many familiar events and even some events you probably won’t find ANYWHERE else. Here are some of the events we already hosted!

-Hide and Seek/Prop Hunt
-Zombie Defense

and here are some events we are planning on hosting!

-Hunger Games
-Micro Battles
-Build Battle
-Halloween Events
-Christmas Events
-Elytra Parkour
-Race Parkour
-League of Legends gamemode
-Kit Pvp
-Gladiator Battles
-Tnt Wars
-Man Hunt
-Murder mystery
-And way more that would make this list go on forever.

Some Important Information!

We are not just some stupid vanilla event server! We use plugins and if really needed, we can develop our own plugins for the events we host! The way our events are chosen is all based on you! We take requests into consideration but each week we post a poll for four different mini games and everyone then votes on which one they want. The winner will be our next event and then we begin working on it and develop it!

We also have very active staff on our discord, survival server, and minigame server! We are always watching for those nasty cheaters!

Our server also has a very close community as we all build and play together on the survival server. We talk in discord and are an 18+ server! This does not mean you cannot play if you are younger than 18, but just know that we curse a bit.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: You will not be able to join the event server unless you are in our discord. The server also remains offline until the event is ready to go.


Please use this link to apply on our discord!


Note to PlanetMinecraft!

If you’re looking over our post and see it as breaking the rule about funneling players into another, I would just like to say I can completely see what you mean by it, however this post is not for that. This post is to hopefully increase our event servers population when we do host events! Well yes it would be nice to have players join our survival server, this is not meant for that. It is meant for our event server. Well people are free to join our survival server, they are invited by this post to the event server only. The links are if they interested in our Survival Server. Hope you can understand! 🙂

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Cube Penguin

Cube Penguin is a Club Penguin themed Minecraft server. Our goal is to make the best job possible at recreating the original game, mainly from the 2005-2012 era. This means we thrive to give the game a cartoony and funny feel, much like the older Club Penguin, and to implement as much features as possible (currently, we have 14 minigames, puffles, clothing items, stamps, parties and more!)

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ZenithCraft Network

Zenith – the time at which something is most powerful or successful.
So we try our best to be most memorable server in Minecraft community. Most plugins are made by us, systems designed to be user-friendly, understandable and easy to use. Everything is simple and yet, filled with a lot of activities, that won’t allow to be bored in the server.
Our community will help everyone in need, systems designed to get help from support as fast as possible, everything has a structure with clear goal – bring the best experience in the whole network.
So don’t wait anymore, join one of the best Minecraft servers!

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this server have skyblock and survival.

skyblock has economy and survival has claim
shop and minions and ranks blocks and shop and
and commands you can buy warps and mcammo
here are voting keys and aution and economy andand more welcome on the server. teleport plogin and more.

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Welcome to NotYoursClub!


Not only are we in accordance to EULA, players are able to gain commands and permissions LEGIT and INGAME, without paying and with INGAME MONEY!
In NotYoursClub, players can use commands through ingame cash gained through selling materials with /sell hand!!



We are almost ALWAYS on the discord playing various games, as well as survival Minecraft! If you ever need help, want to apply for staff, or just want to hangout, please consider joining! All updates will be through the discord as well!

We are a survival server that likes to stick to the basics.

We only add one special touch to make this server our own. On this server, you can relax, play with friends, or just play Minecraft as intended.
Our staff team is committed to this server and will be there when you need them.

We have optimized the player experience so that as you play and earn more materials, you could sell them and have access to certain commands for a limited time. In this server, the player is the priority.


Join our discord at Enjoy!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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