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This server has been running since 24 July 2018, and has first now been open for the public to join.

Though you can only join after being verified on the Discord group
You will have to read the Rules about the server before you can get Whitelisted.

In this server you will be introduced to Factions, Creative plots, PvP, & Parkour.

In Factions you will be able to teleport far away using the signs shown on picture 2.
There you will be able to claim a place for yourself. This server is not about restricting the players of being creative, so you start out with 10 power, though if you need more it will be granted for free. It is important that you do not build close to anyone, seeing that everyone shall be able to build something huge.
The /warp faction spawn is also a shopping district where you can request to open a shop and you will be granted a chunk to build your shop using diamonds as payment.

In Creative plots you are able to build on claimable plots using /p claim 1. Everyone can have up to 4 claims, although if you want to build parkour maps more claims will be granted, more on this under Parkour.
Donator’s have access to World Edit in this world.

In PvP you can kill mobs and bosses at the spawn to gain better gear, that you can use to fight in the actual PVP world.
Example boss can be seen on picture 6. There is also an arena to fight versus players which can be seen on picture 7.
There is a village at the spawn where you can sell Nether Stars gained from fighting mobs/bosses to receive items to repair damaged goods, to items to do better in battle. Example shop can be seen on picture 8. Being killed by another player does not mean you get your items back if the opponent wants to keep it.

Parkour is classic parkour, although you can submit maps made in The Creative world if you are up for the challenge.

Pay 2€ (2 Euros – 14,92 Danish Kroner – 2,17 American Dollars)
To get the Donator Rank. With this rank you get access to a great deal of new things. 3 New Discord chats. 6 New commands. And a Green Donator nametag on Discord.

The 3 new discord Chats consist of
Information: Where you can look up the Plugins and benefits of getting the Donator rank.
Announcements: Here all news about new benefits etc’ will be posted.
Donator Chat: Where you can communicate with other donators.

As a Donator, you have access to the following 5 plugins.

/tpa – This plugin will allow you to send a teleport request to anyone on the server. Everyone will be able to accept/deny it, though only you can teleport.

/disguise – This plugin will allow you to disguise as any mob/block/player/entity.

/hat – This plugin allows you to wear any block of your choice as a hat.

/nick – This lets you rename yourself, using colors and formats.

/oec – This let’s you open your Enderchest anywhere.

//wand – Only Donator’s can World Edit in Creative, though if abused on purpose, you can still be banned.

This could get changed to get more Plugins.

More information under the Donator chats after purchase.

This 2€ Membership last for 1 month.

This is not mandatory at all, although all the money donated will go into getting a more powerful server. So there would be less lag and stutter.

It can take a little while for you to get the Donator rank if none of the Administrator and or Owner Is Online