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Hex-Craft Classic 1.16.2 Minecraft server

Distribution of privileges every month! Check out our VK group for details.

Hex-Craft is a complex Minecraft project that contains several servers. We are gradually expanding, and at the moment we have two servers: Classic 1.16.2 and Hi-Tech 1.12.2.

To play on our servers, you need a launcher, which you can download on our website.

What’s special about Classic Server?

Professions, pets, privates, economics, and more. All these plugins have been customized and translated for comfortable play alone or with friends!

What plugins are installed on the server?

List of all plugins:

Help is needed?

If during the gameplay you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write them to our discord support channel. You can also write to our VK group. We wish you a pleasant game 🙂

We have a website, it has a lot of guides, a summary of your work on the server, a skin change, a raincoat change, a personal account, donate services, and more.

Do not forget to follow the details in the VK group or in the discord.

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