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Welcome to our semi-op factions Minecraft server! We are excited to offer a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Our server is designed to strike a balance between player freedom and server protection, allowing for a fun and fair gaming experience.

One of the main features of our server is the factions plugin, which allows players to create or join a faction and claim land, build and defend their base, and raid other factions for loot. This adds a whole new level of strategy and teamwork to the game, as players must work together to protect their faction and expand their territory.

In addition to the factions plugin, we also offer semi-op gameplay. This means that players have access to some operator commands, such as the ability to teleport and set home, without the drawbacks of being a full-fledged op. This allows for a more level playing field, as all players have access to certain advantages without giving any one player too much power.

Another feature of our server is McMMO, which allows players to level up their skills and gain special abilities in combat, mining, and more. This adds an RPG element to the game and gives players something to work towards and strive for.

We also have a player-driven economy, where players can sell items and earn money. This adds another layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, as players must weigh the cost and benefit of different items and actions.

Finally, we have custom enchants, which allow players to enchant their equipment with powerful and unique abilities. This adds another layer of customization and strategy to the game, as players must choose the right enchantments to suit their playstyle.

Overall, our server offers a unique and engaging gaming experience with a balance of player freedom and server protection. We have a dedicated community of players and staff, and we welcome new players to join and become a part of our growing server. So come and join us for some fun and adventure in the world of Minecraft!

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This is GybiMC, a pretty average survival server running Spigot 1.10.2!

We have various plugins such as mcMMO, GriefPrevention for claims, Multiverse, SignShop, and more!

Aside from normal survival, I currently have two other game modes set up. Planetoids, which is similar to skyblock, but the sky is full of differing planets, and a “UHC” mode on sky islands controlled by the ExtraHardMode plugin if you think vanilla survival is too easy.

Also, as I really dislike the combat update, I have installed OldCombatMechanics to remove some of the new 1.9 features while keeping the neat ones like end cities. I also installed ViaVersion, so you don’t need to worry about downgrading your client to play! (Keep in mind, you can’t use any 1.11+ features as it’s still a 1.10 server)

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KrimPvP – OG Pure Factions – PvP/Raiding – 1.8 PvP – Recruiting Staff – CS Loot Crates – Fresh Wipe 22nd July

KrimPvP/KrimGaming is a server that is looking to bring back the good old Factions feeling that isn’t really around anymore, all players suggestions will be taken into account so we can build it based on the communities wishes…. Most servers these days are hives of multiple gamemodes, we want to bring it back to the OG Pure Factions/PvP/Raiding fun that used to happen!

We are recruiting Staff/Developers/Builders so feel free to join the discord and website if you want to get more involved!

Keen to see you on the server! IP:

Join our discord here to get more involved!:

Join our website at https:/ (Custom domain coming soon)

Some of our features include:

Factions / McMMO / Shop / Economy (Based around Farming) / PurePvP / Voting Rewards – Active Staff – Silk Spawners and many many more great features!

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FHZ-MC Factions

Want the current minecraft factions with old 1.8 combat?

The grand opening of FHZ-MC will be at 9PM EST 7/10/2020

Come join our great community over at our discord here:

Also, weekly updates and news information is released on our website forums frequently!

Join our site here: (Grand opening deal: First 3 people to rank King gets a FHZ hoodie! – optional)


– Currently taking staff applications for the future

can’t wait to see you at the opening!

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Falchion Factions |1.8 – 1.15.2 | RANKUPS | GRIEFING | CRATES | RAIDING | PLAYERSHOPS | MCMMO

Falchion Factions

Our server is a competitive PvP server that allows players to collaborate by creating
different clans and joining. Players within the same faction work together to gather
resources, build bases, protect their land and recruit new members. Individual factions
on the server can choose to form alliances and support each other, or become enemies and fight.

Our server IP-Adress:

Extra links:

We support Minecraft versions from 1.8.0. to 1.5.2.

Join us and be a part of our friendly and competitive community


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Avatar: The Last Airbender! ~[BENDING]~ [1.15.2][COSMETICS][No-Mods]

We are a Bending server on the latest version!

Gain Elemental moves by playing! Check images above for examples

Monitor your progress with Custom commands /stats and /skills

Join us on our Discord to game Linked chat

Don’t know what Bending is?


  • Specializes in mobility and defense.
  • The land is an ideal spot for an airbender, despite being able to bend in water as well.
  • Techniques range from AirScooter, AirShield, creating Tornadoes, Blasting opponents with Air, Suffocation, and more.
  • Natural pacifists, lack much raw damage output by default, but make up for it in their mobility, utility, and speed.
  • Increases speed, decreasing rate of hunger, and takes no fall damage.
  • Can unlock the Flight and SpiritualProjection subelements.
  • Waterbending

  • Specializes in maneuverability in and on the water.
  • Oceans are perfect for Waterbenders.
  • By default, techniques range from freezing over lakes, manipulating water to do damage, creating waves and torrents, and much more.
  • Mixture of defensive and offensive abilities.
  • Opens up possibilities in bodies of water that are otherwise closed to the other disciplines.
  • Can unlock Bloodbending, Healing, Icebending and Plantbending subelements.
  • Earthbending

  • Specializes in manipulating the earth around them.
  • Any area containing land is perfect for an earthbender.
  • Techniques range from using Earth to guard yourself (Armor and Walls), using Earth to launch yourself, digging, blasting earth at other places, and much more.
  • Fundamentally the same as Waterbenders, with a mix of offensive and defensive playstyles.
  • Can unlock the Sand, Metal and Lavabending subelements.
  • Firebending

  • Very offensive playstyle.
  • Any environment other than water is suitable for Firebenders.
  • By default, abilities range from extinguishing fires, creating rings of fire on the gruond, creating walls of fire, lightning, shooting fire blasts, and much more.
  • Very little mobility and defense.
  • Comes with the Lightning and Combustion subelements.
  • Beyond that, we are also a 1.15.2 server with

    – Towny land claim
    – /wild
    – Additional Mobs/Rare drops
    – Old combat mechanics (no charged swings)