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Nerdy Spectre Gaming – Civs, Peace or War

Server Name: Nerdy Spectre Gaming

Currently offering Minecraft, soon to expand to 7D2D and Valheim

Server Location: North America

Server Address:



Version: Built on 1.19.2 (Accepting clients with 1.18+)

Game Play Type/s: Civs – It’s like factions meets towny. Read more below.

NS gaming is dedicated to not using a pay to win structure on our servers. All ranks can be obtained by voting and the few donator only features that we do offer are integrated for everyone after a couple of weeks.
We currently offer the Civilizations game mode. It’s like factions meets towny and factorio. You start a civilization, pick a government type and decided if you want to be peaceful or participate in raiding. Be careful, each govt type has different advantages and disadvantages. We currently offer over 20 Govt Types.

All civilizations can build factory structures to automate resource collection and transport systems to move those resources between mines, farms, storage, factories and shops.

You can also build defensive structures that link in to the transportation and factory system for supplies/ammo.

Daily Events:
King of the Hills
Envoy Drops
Fishing Tournaments

Our best feature are our dungeon like rpg missions. Every couple months we release a new event. Each dungeon has very custom mobs, bosses, mechanics and high level loot.

Rules: It is stupid to have a list of rules no one reads, but here is the minimum to not get banned.

NO Cheating/Hacking

Treat Each Other with Dignity

Thanks for reading this ad. Hope to see you soon.