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YunaCraft is an SMP server that focuses on the vanilla experience without any big changes to the game mechanics in order to keep the gameplay as natural as possible. Although, since heavily inspired by the Hermitcraft some datapacks and a few mods were added to make all of our lives just a bit easier. 🥳

We aim to create a friendly community of people with various interests ranging from redstone ⚡️ to building 🏠 and everything in between. Together, we can hopefully assist each other and in the end, have a great time – which is most important. 😎

📕 Below are listed all details:

– Server Version: 1.19.3 FABRIC

– Game Difficulty: Hard

– SOME of our datapacks:

Armor Statues, Fast Leaf Decay, Graves, Player Head Drops, Double Shulker Shells, More Mob Heads

– SOME of our mods:

Simple Voice Chat, DynMap

The server world is brand new with the server grand opening just around the corner!! In order to get whitelisted check out our DISCORD SERVER