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QuietBerry | Hell, Ender World | REDSTONE server Minecraft

Server description -> responsive Administration, which will listen to your requests, complaints and suggestions, because working with players is one of the most important for us!
-> Netherite Items
-> Clans
-> Fireworks
-> Cases with items
-> NPCs on spawn
-> Comfortable whales
-> Ender-world by command / ender
-> Clicker to make money.
-> Own system of shops with optimal prices.
-> want to go to hell with other players? It is possible with us!
-> are you a great PVP player? Welcome to the PVP arena near the spawn!
-> We have no lags!
-> Unusual auto mine
-> Well, what about without ordinary survival in a really beautiful world
I think at least something from this list interested you, so come in, we are waiting for you!

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