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Gamwes Minecraft server is a friendly and respectful server for the players, by the players. We have modified Minecraft to be more RPGMMO like. We have a level system, mini-bosses (infernal mobs), and many other small changes. Additionally we have a PvP plugin which allows players to go into PvP when they choose (We are mainly PvE though). We strive to be as close to “vanilla-like” while still retaining that new-game RPGMMO feel. There are constant updates and developments, we log almost everything in Discord. Good luck and have fun!

RL Craft Server

RL Craft Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a very hard game as it is and some servers make it even harder so keep practicing, learn, ...
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Perverted Minecraft Server

Perverted Minecraft Server

While being a pervert is subjective, there are certain traits one should possess to qualify as one. One of the ...
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Minecraft Hentai Roleplay Server

Hentai Roleplay Server

Felicity pretends to be a slutty low-class house maid in Minecraft so the other women can feel better about themselves ...
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r9k Minecraft server

r9k Minecraft Server Robot9001

Shy girls absolutely love playing this Minecraft server!!! All of you need to be nice, have a chat and have ...
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Minecraft Server for Femcels

Femcel Minecraft Server

Most if not all incel girls have played Minewind or other Minecraft servers, and I’m sure most of them can ...
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Hentai Catgirls Minecraft server

Hentai Catgirls Server

Despite what you may have thought, catgirls are really good at PvP and griefing in Minecraft. Most of the time catgirls ...
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