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Super Fun Time

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SuperFunTime is a diverse gaming community established in 2010. Our community is not just a place to play games with one another, but one where friendships are made and people are brought together by the things we love – Gaming and meeting new friends.

Our servers:
We operate servers based on custom modpacks which bring our unique flavor of modded minecraft to the world. These servers include SFT Pixelmon and not only!
In addition to that, we also operate a BungeeCord system, connecting you into our expansive world of non-modded servers, which include survival and creative servers to let your imagination run wild! Joining us for the first time will put you in a lobby server with portals to take you across our network, or just use commands such as /survival and /creative!

Our most populated server is our Survival server, with a bustling economy and multiple game enhancing plugins, such as mcMMO with custom rates, market listings, pets and many fun plugins added for our players to enjoy such as a Mob Arena (/ama join default), and Vehicles (/carshop, /planeshop, etc). We also frequently host server events throughout every day to keep minecraft interesting!

Other servers
We also have a Pixelmon server based on our own modpack with thousands of +1’s. If you would like to know more about our Pixelmon server, please visit this link:
We have a The 1.7.10 Pack based server. Server IP: (download the pack on technic)
We have a ACDC/Automated Chaos Server (custom modpack, please visit ). Server IP:

About us:

We consist of a voluntary staff team of over 100 players, spread across all time zones and server types. Our team is always here to help you out whenever you need. For example, building protections, stopping grievers and hosting events. Our community is also a diverse and ever growing group of people from all walks of life, and we are always looking for new members, looking for you!
Watch to learn more about our amazing community and staff team!


Server IPs: |

Server rules:

Server Hardware Specs:

– Xeon 1620v2 @ 3.7 Ghz
– 64 GB DDR3 ECC
– Enterprise class Intel SSD’s
– 1gbps
– Enterprise grade DDoS protection provided by OVH

If for some reason you dislike our servers, we would highly appreciate it if you could leave us some feedback here, or send a message to ‘Towelie’ (Server Owner) on our forums at We accept constructive criticism and feedback, but we will remove/report comments which are a personal attack or do not add value to this post.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you in game soon!

Did you know? We also have a Pixelmon Server! Check it out –> here

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