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Welcome to The Dominion



Live Map:

  The Dominion (since 2013) is migrating to 1.15.2 This is a long process, but we are opening early in the process so players can test the new systems, and we can work out bugs. Battle your way through dungeons explicit to our server, upgrade your gear, and become a hero. We are currently under heavy development, and have only a few dungeons released so far. We are in the process of transferring content from an old version of the server.

  As stated above, the server is in an unfinished state right now. We currently have a few of the first dungeons it’s recommended the players do completely done, but we have not been able to say with confidence that all of the kinks are worked out of the systems we are using. We need to introduce a player base on some level to find any changes that may need to be made. Consider this an “alpha” stage of the server.


  • Inappropriate messages including racism or otherwise unnecessary discrimination, profanity, vulgar references, sexual references, and/or innuendos are not allowed.
  • Bug abuse is not allowed. If you find a flaw, please report it.
  • Be respectful of staff. What they say is law, even it it’s not explicitly stated in the rules.
  • Visiting locations under construction without direct staff permission is now allowed.
  • Scamming is not allowed. If you are scammed, send proof of the scam to staff and you will be reimbursed of lost items.
  • Thank you to everyone who joins and decides to test what we have so far.