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AGE OF CRAFT v1.16 Minecraft server

Description of the server Hello, minecrafter. You are on the page of the RPG server Age of Craft 1.16.0.
We are glad to tell you and invite you to our server so that you become one of us. Let’s talk about what we have.
1. Live mobs. Yes Yes. We have mobs running around. Not all, but most. Like vanilla
2. Economy. And then there is a lot of interesting things and everything is in one point. Shop in GUI interface, Enchant for money and much more.
3. The crossbow is fully operational. Believe it or not, on some servers, you don’t even know that you can still make a crossbow.
4. Works. Do you like to dig, hack or kill? Then you will find your job and be a millionaire.
5. System of exchange with other players.
6. Auto mine. Dig and mine.
7. Netherite and netherite armor with a sword. Yes, you read everything correctly. We have it.
8. Whales for players, VIPs and admins.
And many more interesting things. You can’t count everything. Donate is cheap.
In the future, we plan to add races with racial whales, chat and more. It will be possible to enter the race only through the head of the race. But this is in the future.
Come in soon, friend! Take your place under the square sun!

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