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9B9T Anarchy on phone and pc Minecraft server Minecraft server

9B9T – Minecraft anarchy server. The main game mode is anarchy! On the server you can build your global large-scale projects, traps, farms.

About the server: Wipes on the server are held every two months. Many players organize themselves and form clans. Pistons are not prohibited on the server, due to this, many players build traps. There is also a raid spawn on the server, which means that players can build farms

Donate goods, privilege shops: Donate privileges are sold on the server, they are all balanced. That is, it means that there are no admins, lords, OPs, creatives.

Players can get a free donation case for the time played, which means that all players have the same gaming experience, whether you donated or not

Mini-games: There are no mini-games on the server.

entrance to the server is absolutely free, all you need is to add our IP to the “add servers” tab, you can connect only on 1.19.2 The server works on both pirated and licensed minecraft

Phone connection possible!

Our IP:

Phone port 19132