Smp Survival Towny Vanilla

Village Valley

Hey, Village Valley is a brand new SMP server with a focus on community. We have launched on 18th December so we are still in the starting stages.

The server follows a towny-like play style. Towns are created by players themselves, yeah this is your part :), with their own unique theme, block pallets and rules. The server mainly focuses on towns, however you do not have to join/build one, but it’s highly recommended to keep up with the community.

Our main goal is to provide a chill, safe and most of all fun environment where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated.

Our economy is mainly focused on diamonds, however you are free to trade with other players for whatever is necessary.

The server is based in Miami, Florida, USA making it possible for both EU and NA + other countries close by to play together!

Most of the plugins on the server are for server management and optimization, with an exception of Invisible Item Frames and GSit (you can sit/lay down anywhere you want). In addition to this, we have a number of quality-of-life datapacks on the server, all of them listed below:- Anti Enderman Grief- Anti Ghast Grief- Armor Statues- Fast Leaf Decay- More Mob Heads- Multiplayer Sleep- Player Head Drops
We are always open to suggestions about what we can change/add about the server, so if you do give us a go, feel free to send over some of your ideas to us 🙂
So what are you waiting for, are you up for an adventure?

Here’s our Discord – where you will have to apply before you join us.