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Simple SB

——-[Simple Skyblock]——–
Welcome to Simple Skyblock, a 1.15.2 skyblock server. We have custom plugins, such as:
– Jobs
– economy
– PvP
-Auction house
-And more!

Pve Economy


—- CobaltCraft —-

CobaltCraft is a new 1.15.2 Towny server. We are an economy and community-oriented server. Our goal is to provide a platform for great people to meet and interact on a unique Towny experience.


Custom Plotworld – Rent a plot, and build a shop, casino, or anything you like!

Slimefun – Create machines and tools to assist you in your Towny experience!

Rankup – Earn donator perks with in-game money!

Quests – Earn money/xp through various tasks!

Player-based economy – Our server is setup to encourage player interaction through chestshop trading

Friendly staff and community – We are extremely committed to building a positive and friendly environment for players

Chestshops – Buy/Sell items with other players

Player warps – Make your own warps! Shops, grinders, casinoes, and more!

ShopGUI – A well-balanced adminshop that avoids interference with the player-based economy

Weekly Events – Each week a new event is hosted to give unique rewards that are unobtainable in regular play

Come by and join us at CobaltCraft!


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♥ Crystal Dream World ♥ 1.15 Minecraft Survival Server || Have Fun, Even Just For A Day ♥

Welcome to the Crystal Dream Word Minecraft Survival Server.

This Server is a family friendly roleplay server that strives to give you the most fun you can have.
We have put alot of love and care into it. These are the features that we offer to you.

– More Acheivements
-Dangerous Caves and Nether
-Custom Dungeons
-Player Radios

We hope that you enjoy your time whilst on the server, and you always welcome to make any suggestion while on it.

Looking Forward to Meeting You!!!

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Server IP: ~ 1.15.2

HollowSeas Winsford Civilizations is a Survival – RPG Survial Hybrid featuring new ways to play Minecraft that were only thought possible just a few years ago comes alive in HollowSeas. Introducing:

Positional 3D Based Regions ~ Place them anywhere, without being bothered by chunks!
Attributes ~ Gather up attributes during events and get more powerful!
Party System ~ Team up with friends to conquer lands and gain a buff to your characters!
Dungeons ~ Dynamically generated dungeons can be found across the land, waiting for someone to conquer it!
Custom Resource Pack ~ Get fully immersed in the world with custom item textures!
Small yet Amazing community ~ We are a very small community and we are ready to take in everyone!
Constant Updates ~ No stagnation as we continue to develop and improve upon the server!
BE YOU ~ Be who you always wanted to be in customizing and developing your player!

Semisurvival Survival


This server is whitelisted . its a semi survival server the discord to join here is

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Server Infos

  • Greetings lads, welcome to SalvosCraft ! You will be able to enjoy a unique survival experience with a custom blood plugin (with a damage system), custom mobs that will increase the difficulty, you will be able to claim land, be in the lands top owners, and take part in battles against other territories to show them your strengh ! When you first start, make sure to build a shelter before dawn otherwise your chances of making it alive till sunrise are none.

    Additionally, we have player market where you can buy or sell items to other players as well as automated shops with villager merchants at spawn who can provide you with OP enchanted items!

    Moreover, we do have a battlepass systematization with seasons, custom challenges and weeklty mission !

    Furthermore, to make it even more challenging we added huge dungeons that you can farm or adventure through, with loots you can get for slayings mobs, a final boss will be waiting for you at the end of each and one of them.

    However if land wars is to slow for you and you seek for a fast paste pvp, you can duel your enemies or foes in a 1 versus 1 combat with custom kits, custom arenas with strategy points, to prove who is the best of the best !

    On top of that, If you are looking for a more discret approach, you are allowed to place bounties on other players, so you can hunt them down, find their base and steal their treasures !

    Also, we love to reward the players that vote for and support us in our project, with FREE crate keys that can be earned while voting for the server !

    People have been asking for a more challenging experiment ? What are you waiting for ?
    Join us !

  • Visit our Website :
  • Join our discord for more infos :
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    Killer Kraft

    Killer Kraft is a brand new server just trying to get started! We currently have Skyblock, KitPVP, and Creative. Our team is working hard to add much more! We plan to offer survival, factions, and much more! We would love to have you and please help spread the word! -The Killer Kraft Team

    Economy Minecraft Minecraftserver Nopaytowin Pve Server Survival


    Started at the height of the 2020 Quarantine as a place for people to chill while trapped at home it has slowly been turned into a functional Server but without compromising on those goals.

    Also. Absoultely NO Pay to Win!
    Thank god!

    Faction Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionsurvival Needbuilders New Newserver Newservers

    RevolvePVP Factions

    Custom Mob Bosses, Envoys, Koths, Crates, Coinflip, Custom Terrain! Works on 1.8+ (Versions 1-8 – 1.15)

    Claim Crates Friendly Loot Lootcrates Mcmmo Pve Pvp Safe Spawners Survival Vote


    Great new PVP and PVE server with amazing custom build plugins!

    Custom Spawner shop
    Custom Shop
    Custom Vote crates!

    Join in now, claim your land, build your world!

    This server is new but is growing quickly, the server its self has amazing performance so you shouldn’t experience any performance issues.

    I look forward to seeing you all!