Midnight Survival

-=- Midnight Survival -=-

Version: 1.18-Pre 5 | NOTE: Dev testing! Very unstable!

Hello! My name is Rose, i am in the process of making a survival server and decided to play around with the VERY dev version of spigot 1.18.

(Nerd Stuff) I am working on this privately at home and will be uploading files when new updates are required. As of now i have most of spawn made and have moved into the plugin development and configuration stage.

(Fun Stuff) The goal for the server is to be a challenging semi vanilla with a chill vibe. Be as creative as you want and explore the landscape, build empires or simple homes. You can run the player based economy or simply buy wood whenever you need it.

(Notes) This is very very very early stage and there is much more to come as i work on development.

Please feel free to join the discord where you can keep up to date and suggest future features!
Discord Link
How to join?

Open your minecraft launcher, at the top you will see play and next to that you click on Installations.

Next you will have to click on Snapshots under Versions, make sure Snapshots has a green check!

Click on new installation, give it a name like 1.18-pre5

Click on Version and scroll until you see SNAPSHOT 1.18-pre5, click it and then click create at the bottom.

Finally you go back to Play and select the version you just created.

Hope to see you soon! ♥

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