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Magical Parks | Disneyland Resort, Custom Park & Creative Plots!

Magical Parks is a 1:1 scale Disneyland Resort Server. By going to Magical Parks, you’re able to visually experience what the rides and shows are like. Due to hours of planning and over a year of mathematical set up, Magical Parks is allowed to say that their parks are truly one to one scale. The parks are located on the correct angles in relation to the equator so, everything from trash cans to roads are also located in the correct position.

✨ Disneyland Park
Disneyland Park is the most historic of all the Disney parks. This park was Walts ‘baby’ and it shows both in real life and on the server! When this park was the focus of discussion, the mantra for building the park was to ‘build it right, build it slow, build it perfect’ and it shows!

✨Disney’s California Adventure
Disney’s California Adventure is the newest park to join the ranks on Magical Parks. With just the beginning of the park completed. The park is going to be one of the most groundbreaking projects of 2019!

✨Fantasy Kingdom
Fantasy Kingdom is our latest venture our immersive custom park featuring combined work from the 5 years of parks and custom parks we’ve built all in one and some exclusive attractions we have never done before!

We now have creative plots for all our guests to be able to build on and show off their building skills with access to worldedit and much more

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