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WorldCraft BG is one amazing server where you can fly with horse you can sleep when you are tired you can use stairs like chairs and more…

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Ellder MC

Ellder MC is a free to play New Zealand based vanilla Minecraft server. We run bukkit with various plugins and offer grief protection, an economy, non-pvp, friendly players and much more! We are a small non-profit community and would love to have you join us!

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Bosscraft Survival

Welcome to Bosscraft
IP: or

Were a 1.7 Community survival server focused on providing players with
a variety of fun options in which to play Minecraft.
We uphold a strong and friendly community, and would like to keep it that way.

Check out our website for full information on our server.

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Plymouth Valley

When you join our server you can jump right into action with building. When you spawn you’re already part of the city Plymouth! Join a job and start making money to buy yourself a plot in a town, or start your own town! You can also spend your money in the Player Mall at spawn to buy other player’s items or purchase a Mall Plot and sell your own items! If you buy a plot, everything is protected in that plot. No one else can build or destroy! However, be careful in the wilderness, PVP is on everywhere except in the towns and there is no block protection there either! Build and play at your own risk!
With many well knit plugins that promote both community and challenge, Plymouth Valley and its staff dedicates themselves to helping you have a great Minecraft experience!

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CraftinMatrix Factions

Opened two years ago, CraftinMatrix is a factions server that strives to offer the perfect experience to all players for the Minecraft community. We try to make every single experience perfect and we took lots of time to work on it. Unfortunately, as many of the old members might know, our server was down for a long time, due to lots of bugs in the server and the insufficient resources to run the server. Now, CraftinMatrix is back as never before, with loads of new plugins and systems brought into the server that will ensure a pleasant and enjoyable time for you.

1) No cheats, no mods and no x-ray texture packs.
2) All raiding, scamming, grieving and mass killing are allowed.
3) No spamming, no asking for staff and no advertising.
4) You can only use English for all chat except private messages.
5) Respect all players and staff and no hate-speeches or spam.
6) No hacking, no chargeback or anything that causes chaos and unfairness to other players.

Server IP:
Server Port: 25565
Ontime: 24/7 (95% Ontime Guaranteed)
Server Version: Spigot 1.8.1 (Supports All 1.8 Client)
Gamemode: Survival (Factions)

Owner: MarkMatrix430
Co-Owner: Beaver08
Chief Of Staff: Asdfgh223
Head Admin: (Position Open)
Admins: SuperlinkNL
Moderators: Lil_Winston, GCC99, Beastmodeskillz, Thehumanslayer12, Mecho_the_Mighty
Trusted: (Position Open)

Action Active Ass Class Conomy Craft Fac Faction Factions Has Iconomy Ill Join King Looking Make Mcmmo Mmo Nyc Ops Play Player Players Private Pro Pvp Shop Shops Speak Staff Survival Multiplayer Talk Tea Team Teams Teamspeak Way


-iConomy (in progress)
-Shops (in progress)
We have a Teamspeak, nyc.fragnet.net10015
Join us, talk to other players, We will make private channels for factions. We are always looking for staff

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Beaston Craft

Our Owners, have dealt with hosting a server before, So they are very experienced with people and know how to handle a server well.
Our Admins are willing to make this server the best and are very dedicated to the server, they listen and build relationships with other players.

We hope to see you in game.
– Administration of BeasteonCraft.

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Great kit starter!
–Protection 2 Set–
–Sharpness 2 Sword–
–2 Stacks of Obsidian–
–1 stack of Logs–
–1 stack of Apples–

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PurpleCraft as many different game modes for you and your friends to play!

SURVIVAL: Grab your very own piece of Greif Proof land, make a shop, advertise jobs and more in the player market or simply have a fun adventure with your friends

Townypvp: Create a town or a nation and battle your enemys with guns, traps, explosives and much more!

MINIGAMES: 14 types of minigames including: Call of Duty Zombies, spleef, Tnt run, capture the flag, Quake, Paintball, Infected and much much more!

SKYBLOCK: Take the skyblock challenge! You get your very own little island with very limited items, You can also work with a small team to have the best Island on server!

CREATIVE: Free creative plots that where you can build your own creation or do it with friends!

So what are you waiting for! PurpleCraft and its friendly staff are waiting for you :D!!!

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