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The Splash

The Splash is a survival server, with a few implemented features to assure your experience is most enjoyable. We take pride in our community, and think you would fit in nicely! Come join us today, sit back, relax, survive, and thrive.


Claim Claiming Claims Craft Death End Friendly Fun Grief Griefing Home Homes Land Land Claim Mcmmo Mine Minecraft Mmo Mob Mobs Play Player Plugin Plugins Protection Quest Quests Rol Roles Server Sethome Shop Shops Staff Survival Title Town Towny

[Shops] [Quests] [mcMMO] [Friendly] DEX Server

The DEX Minecraft Server is a friendly survival-based server with a handful of plugins. Information you should know:
  • “Keep inventory on death” is enabled, so you don’t have to stress about dying and losing all of your items
  • All players can use “/sethome” to set 3 of their own homes
  • Towny is used for land claiming and land protection, but all daily taxes and other burdens are disabled by default
  • Within Towny claims, mobs and creeper explosions are disabled
  • There are no staff titles/roles, the titles you see on the server are all for fun and do not coincide with any permissions or staff roles
  • Come check us out! We’re here to have fun and play some Minecraft together. The only real rule we have is no griefing! See you soon.

    Active Claim Claiming Class Community Custom Economy End Eula Friendly Google Has Item Items Join Land Land Claim Map Mcmmo Ming Mmo Mob Mobs New Ops Pay Play Player Pve Pvp Rank Ranks Riendly Server Shop Shops Survival Unique


    Porkopolis is a unique Survival server that has:
    * A New Map! (As of 7/26/2019)
    * A Friendly Community
    * 100% EULA Compliant. NOT Pay to win!
    * Earned Ranks
    * Land Claiming
    * Custom Mobs
    * Custom Items
    * Server and Player Shops
    * Togglable PvP
    * 1.14.2 Server
    * MCMMO

    Come join us!

    Ace Active Ass Class Com Community Discord Economy Erver Free Google Land Mall Mmu Ommunity People Place Play Player Players Pro Pve Pvp Ree Roleplay Server Small Survival Swe Swedish Towny Tps


    Norrland is a small community of mainly Swedish players with lots
    of free kelp. We are proud to provide a place for people to jäsa.
    discord server:

    Action Actions Active Ass Buy Buycraft Class Com Craft Emo End Esp Fac Faction Factions Farm Fru Google Ios Law Lawless Mod Nopaytowin Pay Play Prison Pvp Raft Raid Raiding Survival Ten Tienda Win


    LawLessCraft (1.8.X – 1.15.X)

    Contiene una modalidad de Prison combinado con Factions para así lograr una modalidad muy muy viciosa, de farmeo y raiding. Esperemos que la disfruten.



    Active Adult Autorank Build Community Craft Creative Economy End Fly Friendly Fun Great Hub Land Lobby Mine Minecraft Mob Mobs Mod New Play Player Plots Plugin Plugins Pve Rank Server Servers Sky Skyblock Small Survival Update Updated Vanilla World

    Alaska Minecraft

    Great server for beginners and advanced players. A lot of our players are adults but any age is welcome. Join us. This server is PG-rated and we want you to have fun… Server is owned by adult players so it is updated and maintained daily. We are located in Wasilla, Alaska. We are small friendly community.There is something for everyone in multiple servers. Hub World – Main lobbyNew Beginning – Survival PVESkyBlock – BentoBoxAcidIsland – BentoBox907Classic – Original Server est.2011907MC – Started 2013 – Eldaria, Tamos worlds.Creative Plots – Automated plot system. Build Creative mode Vanilla – No plugins No Flying Phantom Mobs in any Server. Autorank system will give you access to /god mode in 2 hours and /fly mode in 12 hours if you play in one of following servers Survival, Bentobox, 907Classic or 907MC. Collect time and get ranked up fast..

    Active Best Class Com Community Craft Creative Custom Discord Economy Ect Erver Fishing Giveaways Google Ill Inecraft King Mine Minecraft Network Old Plugin Plugins Pve Pvp Randomtp Ring Roleplay Rvival Server Survival Tournaments Vanilla

    Xiavic Network

    ** Xiavic Survival **

    Right now you must be thinking… “wow, another minecraft server with the same old boring stuff!” but I can guarantee that it will not just be “another minecraft server”, it is a server that strives to be the best community wise and overall in the survival section!

    + Randomtp
    + Custom plugins
    + Active Discord
    + Fishing tournaments
    + PvP Tournaments
    + Giveaways
    + More being added everyday!

    Active Ass Class Clout Com Craft Creative Dom Ect Erver Free Freedom Google Home Hype Item Items Mini Games Ored Raft Red Ree Roleplay Server Supreme Survival Games Vanilla Welcome Yeezy


    Welcome to CloutCraft! Home of the Clout!

    Here you’ll find HYPE items such as GUCCI, YEEZYS, SUPREME AND MORE! Collect them all!
    CloutCraft offers a Un-Censored Server where you have the freedom to be you!

    1.8 Ass Auto Blo Block Class Ect Erver Gaming Join Ming Nam Name Need Need Players Play Player Players Plz Join Server Ter TERA Title Vanilla



    Active Admin Build Community Creative Discord Fantasy Fly Free Freebuild Guns Job Jobs Kingdom Kingdoms Lands Magic Marriage Mod Mods Online Perks Pets Play Plugin Plugins Pvp Races Rank Ranks Rol Roleplay Server Staff Survival Towny Vehicle Vehicles Voting Worldedit


    Come join us on our Pixel People (1.14.4)

    We have Races with Fantasy Races, Magic, Roleplay, Kingdoms/Lands, Vehicles, Plot World, Freebuild (Creative) world, Survival, PvP, Vampires, Werewolves, Marriage, Jobs, Pets, Furniture, and Guns. Great community 🙂

    Get worldedit in the creative server by voting, and get fly as a Member and up! Donate to get the Race + ranks and perks that go with that, starting at £2!
    We are looking for Staff: Helpers, Architects, Mods and Admin. or join us on discord:

    We hope to upgrade to 1.15.2 soon, once we know all our plugins are compatible!

    Community Donorperks Economy Friendlycommunity Friendlystaff Houses Jobs Kits Landclaims Mcmmo Museum Playershops Plots Pve Pve Economy Pvp Pvparena Ranksystem

    Spectrum Minecraft

    Welcome to Spectrum Minecraft!

    Spectrum is a server run by veteran Minecraft players with the goal of offering a professional and enjoyable environment to play in, with a focus on providing an incentive-driven progression of play alongside the sandbox nature of Minecraft. Players on Spectrum MC will experience an enhanced Minecraft experience, with a player-driven economy, McMMO stats and training, community-run shops, farms, and museum exhibits, as well as friendly, active staff whose priority is creating the best player experience possible.

    – PvP + PvP Arena
    – Economy
    – McMMO
    – Player Shops
    – Housing Plots
    – Server Shop
    – Museum
    – Land Claims
    – Natural Rank Progression
    – Donor Perks!
    – Jobs

    We’re a new server, so take the opportunity to become a founding member of the next big Minecraft server! Join Spectrum Minecraft today!

    Anarchy Bedwars Build Bungeecord Creative Discord Dynmap Eco Economy End Faction Factions Friendly Fun Grief Hard Homes Minecraft Minigame Minigames Paintball Parkour Play Plots Plugin Prevention Pve Pvp Quest Quests Server Servers Shops Skyblock Slimefun Spleef Staff Survival Teamspeak Wars


    Rencorner’s Minecraft 1.15.2 is new! With the addition of Anarchy, SurvivalPlus. Minigames has been updated with new maps for hunger games, bedwars, paintball, new mazes and parkours. We are a bungeecord server consisting of a Hub, Anarchy,Factions, Skyblock, Creative, GTA, minigames, Survival (PVE) and SurvivalPlus. Anarchy features no rules, do what you want, kill who you please, destroy what you don’t like. SurvivalPlus is a more disciplined version of survival. Survival features slimefun, a “Feed the Beast” type plugin without the mods,(we have added some new extensions), hard difficulty, grief prevention, shop, spawner shop,2 pvp arenas. Creative1.15.2 features 150×150 plots. Factions1.15.2 is hard difficulty. And features a 4 player limit to each faction. Gta 1.12 has had a workover, room rentals, kits, buy and sell shops are all available. Minigames 1.15.2 feature bedwars, skywars, spleef, block hunt, archery range, paintball, hunger games, parkour, and mazes. Our friendly and active staff is available to assist you. Server updated regularly – Requests are taken in daily and updates are performed regularly to keep in line with the user’s needs. Dynmap – PVE, Creative, Skyblock allowing for you to view builds and claimed land Discord channel : TeamSpeak 3: Players that are “trusted” enjoy: trusted tag alongside your name, 10 sethomes, and world edit in creative, as well as /tpa in all servers. Contact info: MC Admin – Joetorp Server:, Updated – March 18,2020

    Active Ass Back Best Big Class Com Craft Creative Erver Going Google Inecraft Join Mine Minecraft Pvp Raft Rvival Server Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Ter

    Arcadia Minecraft

    Arcadia Minecraft is back! After a five-year hiatus, the best survival Minecraft server is back and going to be bigger than ever! Join now!

    Action Actions Active Ass Class Com Competitive Custom Erver Fac Faction Factions Fun Google Has Ill King Legacy Legacypvp Looking Lore Mpet Pet Play Player Plugin Plugins Pvp Server Ter This Tom Win


    This faction server is so fun you will never lose interest in it. It has custom plugins galore and has what every competitive factions player is looking for as well as not being play to win.

    Action Actions Active Ass Class Com Community Day Design Dom Emo Event Events Fac Faction Factions Game Gamemode Gamemodes Google Join King Kingdom Mall Mod Network New Play Player Rvival Sign Small Support Survival Today Two Weekly

    Asteria Kingdom

    Asteria MC is a new network, designed to be for the player. We offer 2 main gamemodes:
    We have a small yet active community with weekly events of all kinds.
    Join us today!
    Support from 1.8.x to 1.15.x

    Active Amazing Auction Auctions Boss Bosses Custom Eco Econ Economy Fly Free Fun Going Huge Java Lag Mcmmo Mmo Mob Mobs Perks Play Player Pve Rank Ranks Roleplay Server Shop Shops Spawn Spawner Spawners Survival Towny Trade Update World


    Fresh java 1.15.2 server, with custom mobs, bosses, stackable spawners, custom worlds, mcmmo, custom weapons and armour, villager shops, ranks you buy with ingame money for perks, players can collect, trade for and save up flytime to freely fly, auctions, a shop along with a balanced economy, stackable spawners and mobs, and much more! as of june 7 2020 the server is undergoing a huge update, once it is finished the server will be completely fresh with tons of amazing fun things to do. hope to see you there!

    Active Best Build Claim Class Community Economy End Explore Friendly Great Greif Grief Griefing Hard Help Item Join Lore Mcmmo Mod Money Network Play Player Players Protected Protection Rank Ranks Server Small Spawn Staff Survival Trade Vote World


    GlennMC is a fresh 1.12.2 based small network with the main focus of the survival server that offers ranks/commands, grief protection, and friendly staff!

    We have a strict rule against griefing and try our best to help victims of greifs. We strive to keep players enjoying their time on pure survival gameplay.

    You can vote to earn in-game money and claim blocks to help expand your claim, allowing you to build more onto your already protected based.

    To get away from spawn and explore our world, you can use the /wild command to get teleported far away. This also makes it harder for griefers to find bases close to spawn.

    Also, using our /ah command, you can list your items up for sale and other players can buy these items in return for money. This is a great way to “trade” between the entire community!

    Coming soon we will have other gamemodes including BlockHunt. (BlockHunt is being worked on right now!)

    If you liked any of the above, give GlennMC a try and join today 🙂

    Active Auction Auctions Australia Backpack Crates Discord Dungeons Economy Essentials Forums Fun Job Jobs Lore Lwc Mcmmo Minecraft Mmo Mob New Perks Pets Play Player Plugin Plugins Quest Quests Rank Ranks Rewards Server Shop Shops Survival Town Towny War World

    Grilleds Barn

    Grilled’s Barn is a towny/survival server, players main goal is to generate income through jobs, auctions, daily rewards, crates, mob arena, player shops and more. With this income you can start a town, and also rank up /ranks. Each ranks offers bonuses and perks such as access to backpacks, more jobs, more pets, vein mining, new commands, and more. To see a full list of perks click the ranks icon in server GUI /info.

    Explore the naturally generating dungeons across the world and complete quests!

    Main Plugins: Towny, Essentials, McMMO, Jobs Reborn, Mob Hunting, Mob Arena, uShop, Player Warps, LWC, Vein Miner, Mine Packs, Graves, Quests, Simple Pets, Time is Money, Oh the Dungeons.

    Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
    Server Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Get Involved:
    • IP:
    • Discord: (link in-game with /discord link – to sync your rank and use the global Minecraft chat)
    • Forums:

    Have fun and please let us know if we can help!

    Action Actions Active Ars Ass Bed Bedwar Bedwars Blo Block Class Com Creative Eat Ect Fac Faction Factions Google Ita Kangaroo Pit Pvp Roman Romania Rvival Sky Skyblock Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Tea Thepit War Wars


    Comunitatea Kangaroo Romania!
    Versiune: 1.8.x – 1.14.x
    Creative , Factions , BedWars , ThePit , Skyblock , Survival ( 1.8.8 )

    Active Anti Ass Blo Block Class Com Comunidad Force Gaming Google Ideo Mcmmo Ming Nuevo Orc Pro Pvp Raiding Ran Rvival Servidor Sky Skyblock Skywars Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Video


    Comunidad de videojuegos con mas de 5 años de antigüedad.

    Servidor nuevo y con una gran comunidad !

    Survival PVP
    → SkyBlock
    → Pronto mas !

    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of servers.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!