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Mystic Craft – A modern classic feeling server for MC 1.15.X

The year is 2012. You hop onto a Minecraft server your friend told you about for the first time. You start off with nothing but your survival instincts and begin to gather your resources. Soon enough, you have a nice house built for yourself overlooking a stretch of land you can call home. After claiming your house under your own new faction, you gain a few new server members on your team and work together to make something great. The land surrounding you begins to populate with memorable builds and interesting projects. You and your faction members have earned some higher ranks together just for putting something new into the world. Eventually… you have yourself an empire, built with friends and efforts. It was a blast, and you made lots of memories with the people you met on that server. Familiar names would pop into the chat every so often, and even if it was just a quick “hello,” knowing they were online and having a good time as well was comforting. You may have crossed paths with a stranger near your land. Maybe you scared them off your turf, or maybe you invited them to see your faction and sent them on their way with a little gift. Maybe your faction became well known for its power, or maybe it was more well known for creating stunning builds.
In the end, your experience on the server was what you made it. There was no goal set for you, you made them yourself. Goals like getting to the End or carving a mountain are just a few of your options. But hopefully it seemed like there was one common goal among all the server members: to have fun
This is the kind of server Mystic Craft aims to be. A server that leaves its userbase free to play how they please. A server where everyone can play a part (yes even griefers) in a growing community of Minecraft players. Whether you’ve had the experience of living on a classic survival server or not, all players new and old are welcome to join in and make something amazing.
Mystic Craft attempts to capture the feeling of old servers from 2012 with a unique play experience with a custom configuration that brings back many old features such as Old tool damage, Player push, Old combat, Earned not bought ranks, and much more!

TL;DR: Mystic Craft is a server that attempts to recreate the feel of old servers from 2012

Raiding and Griefing are allowed but leave SOMETHING

1.14 Allowed Aternos Factions Factionsserver Griefing Minecraft Server Nda Panda Pvp Soon Steal Stealing Survival Tea

Panda Factions

1.14.4 Factions minecraft server with plugins PVP allowed, Griefing and stealing also allowed. Discord Server coming soon.

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Voltage Survival/Economy

We are a new Survival server with lots of custom features to make the survival experience even more fun! Our goal is to provide a mature and drama-free survival experience for all players!

Our discord is:

Some of these features include:
– Stamina
– Thirst
– Nutrition
– Crates
– Daily rewards
– Shops
– Land Claim

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Craft Portal

Craft Portal – SMP Survival (Vanilla Experience with Spigot plugins)(Join the server today! IP: Fred121212CURRENTLY SUPPORTING 1.15 versions!!Friendly community where you can play SMP vanilla with plugins such as Grief Prevention to make your game more enjoyable. Team up with friends or survive by yourself, prepare yourself for battles in the wilderness and start rivalries with other players to see who can survive the longest.You can now donate at to help fund our server – check out rewards at!Vote today and receive free rewards –!Join us on discord – reward dedicated players and we have a friendly staff team who are happy to help!Parties! Events! Spleef! Hunger Games! And more!RULES:Dont greif!Dont spam!Dont ask admins for stuff!Dont use mod!Dont hack!Be nice in the chat!Dont ask for higher rank!No advertisement!Dont use CAPS in every sentence!Welcome to Craft Portal!This is a Towny and PvP server were you need to survive and protect your self!There is loads of events and more fun stuff, like: Parkour, Race, Paintball, DropParty, KitPvP, Spleef, BowSpleef, Hide and Seek and more to come! Join us Today!Welcome to Craft Portal!This is a SMP PvP server were you nead to survive and protect yourself!There is loads of events/minigames and more fun stuff, like: Parkour, Race, Paintball, DropParty, KitPvP, Spleef, BowSpleef, Hide and Seek and more to come! Events coming soon!

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There are no rules on this server. Pure chaos rules :D! Decide on a side! Good or bad?
Except hacks and cheats! They are not allowed! Please report if you suspect someone!
We still have an anti cheat that will send us a message when someone is cheated!
The server will always be up to date!
We also build small wonders in the world that can be admired!
There will also be a few events where we will hide things around the spawn!
New Year
August Fireworks

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Veritas RP

  After a century and half of Calamities, the land of Veritas is finally healing. Roleplay as a humble farmer, venture into forgotten places, fight for the glory one of three kingdoms and so much more. Your path is your own to forge; whether you want to be a monster hunter seeking your fortune, a merchant traveling the length of the entire continent, or a priest entering a strange new religion. The world of Veritas awaits, how will you sway its course?

  The server is an RP server that encourages player to be creative and live out their dreams. Everything from barkeep to Emperor/Empress is at your finger tips. Work your way to any and all goals you set for yourself. The world is yours to command. There will be PVP as well as PVE to suit whatever need a player wants. This server will also have RP. The path you choose is yours and will be different then almost any experience you’ve had with RP games before. Excited to see you there!

Join us on our Discord!:

Admin Ask Chat Dirty Ice Kyn Nice Please Port Pve Rights Survival Tak Talk Vanilla

Skynet minecraft server

Come and have fun on a vanilla server were the world is yours for the taking 😉 Please dont ask for admin rights and be nice to each other and no dirty talk in the chat please I have Ventrilo Server with port : 3784

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DarkCadeMC is one of the best new Skyblock servers!

We offer things like:
– Custom builds
– Custom plugins
– Premium content
and much more!

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Pasty Lovers Cornwall

Welcome to cornwall!
pasty or no?

Chilled, vanila paper server, all welcome just have fun and build

adult/teens welcome

decent server, great connection, ops needed!

share your stuff

help eachother out

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Great Hogwarts

You will experience and research everyday school life at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Magic as in the book template.
Among other things, you can apply as a student to enter the magical world of witchcraft and witchcraft with your friends.
You can choose from roles in the roleplay, such as schoolchildren, healers, caretakers, Ministry of Magic employees or retailers in Diagon Alley. The selection is huge and the Hogwarts professors are always available for ideas in the Discord.
Take part in exciting lessons, prove your skills on the broom at Quidditch, join the fight for the house and Quidditch cup and experience the magic of Great Hogwarts!

A school year with us lasts 2 to 3 months.
At the end of each school year, school starts on fixed dates.
For all students, the day of schooling is the first day of play on our server.
You find your Hogwarts letter ingame, go to Diagon Alley to buy the school equipment,
go to school by train and then be divided into houses!
To register on our server you will find a registration form on our website, where you will also find further information, such as the server rules, other playable roles on the server, a roleplay guide for newcomers to this area and many other points.

Our main server line started with the construction of the map 2010 and since the growth the world continues and is still growing.
Every single location from the films and books can be found on the server and is used in the roleplay.
Regular events and new features keep the excitement going!