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Maxim’s Cursed Server ( Illegal Building Techniques PRO

Have you ever wanted to easily build a pether nortal? Or craft a diamond ingot? What about spherical and pyramid-shaped TNT blocks, huh? And don’t even get me started on the drinkable meme bottles and rideable Notch head. All that and much more awaits you at Maxim’s Cursed Server, the best (and only) server for Illegal Building Techniques!

We are a new server (both creative & survival, you can change and choose anytime in the spawn area) – based around those ‘cursed Minecraft images’ you might have seen around and promoted by people like Phoenix SC on YouTube. From giant chests to rideable chickens and skeletons over to memes you can display in your house – we’ve got it all and much more.

Some stuff you can do in our server:

  • Display ANY image at ANY size (your favourite memes, cat pictures, artwork, photos, screenshots…) using image URL (thanks to OnlinePictureFrame mod)
  • Play ANY song you want (using the BetterRecords mod) – others will be able to hear it!
  • Play as any mob (using MorePlayerModels 2)
  • Ride a mob… like Notch’s head. It goes fast. Vroom vroom.
  • Walk on lava and water.
  • Make spheres!
  • And much more!
  • A word about rulesSome servers like to bombard you with rules lists that make even most Terms and Conditions documents an exciting read by comparison. Luckily, we don’t do that here. We go by the universal golden rule: don’t do anything you wouldn’t want others to do to you too! If you wouldn’t want your hours of building work wasted by a griefer, don’t do it. If you wouldn’t want some lunatic spamming the chat 24/7 in your server, don’t do it in ours either. Simple as that.

    Maxim’s Cursed Modpack required!NOTE: THIS IS A FORGE MODDED SERVER requiring use of the MAXIM’S CURSED MODPACK!

    Otherwise you can’t enter the server (duh). The modpack is fairly lightweight, even my 7-year old hp Laptop can run it just fine (unlike most boring kitchen sink packs, seriously, who needs another pack with500 incomprehensible tech mods plus Tinker’s Construct?). There are two ways to get the modpack (tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with this):

    Option 1: get it on Technic Launcher:

  • Download and install the Technic Launcher.
  • Start the launcher and log in using your Minecraft credentials.
  • Look up ‘Maxim’s Cursed Pack’ in the top left search bar, hit ‘Download’, wait and then click ‘Play’. (Also downloadable from this link if you can’t find it inside the Launcher).
  • ???
  • Profit! (The server should be in the multiplayer list by default, and the resource pack should also be activated)
  • Option 2: download Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 and place the mods in your .minecraft/mods folder
    If that didn’t work, or you can’t stand Technic for some reason, you can also do it like this:

  • Get Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 version from this link (windows) or this link (.jar installer)
  • Download the pack (includes 41 mods) here.
  • (Optional but highly recommended) Put the file in your /resourcepacks folder ( can be found in the resourcepacks folder inside – (Do NOT copy over the servers.dat file to your .minecraft folder, unless you like this server so much that you want it to be the only one on your list).
  • Enter the server IP of and play!
  • Credits and acknowledgementsA huge shoutout to @cursedMCmedia on Twitter (riperoni) for inspiring me to create this pack, and Logdotzip for creating the ‘Cursed Minecraft mods’ video, two great inspiration sources for this pack! And of course to all the lovely mod creators of the mods included in this pack.