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Our server has everything! From free privileges (/ hack) to weddings in Minecraft! What can I say – join! Well, what if I say that there is no cheating for donation on our server? And if I say that even in the morning there is more online here than on any other server!
Port: 19132

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❤️ EPICMC SURVIVAL / SKYBLOCK / MG ❤️ Minecraft server

Server owner “сервера EPICMC SURVIVAL / SKYBLOCK / MG ❤️” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Авто-шахта Кит старт Магазин Магия Питомцы Работы

⭐ QWIX (version: 1.0.x – 1.12.x) ⭐ Minecraft server

Start playing SoulCraft now!
/ code vk – free coins

VK group:

Города Кит старт Магазин Магия

Liberty-Craft Minecraft server

♥ Beautiful hand-built starting cities
♥ Ability to found your own settlement
♥ RP-wagering
♥ Frequent events
♥ Architecture contests
♥ No donation
♥ Magic
♥ Ability to create NPCs and public quests

Hong Shulin is a pearl of trade and adventurism. This city opens to everyone in a different way: someone sees majestic cliffs and rustling waterfalls; someone notices interesting and unusual architecture in their own way; for some, Hong Shulin is just a place where he can cash in on adventures or performing dangerous money maneuvers. The Cloudy Depths harbor the ancient knowledge of the air magicians …
Hong Shulin is not the only city in our vast world. You will also have access to such places as the brick town of Rottstadt, which attracts with the snow-capped Weischberg Mountains and the wealth of minerals, Fertilia, alluring with its narrow streets, cozy courtyards and vast fertile fields, the County of Bratskul, which leaves behind a magical trail of its colorful castles and architecture.
If you get tired of the bustle of big cities, or you have a leadership spirit, you can try to become the Count of Bratskul, maintaining your castle, or even build a completely new fortress and found your own independent settlement. Become a tycoon, live in huge Hong Shulin mansions. Find distant Ain Senet in the vast desert, or defend your people behind the high walls of Do Sang. Equip yourself with a magic wand while studying at the Volkhvinskaya fortress. Get ALL the wealth of this world from the depths of the Weischberg Mountains. Or equip your farm and start an agricultural business. All in your hands!

Join LibertyCraft!

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WorldMandia Minecraft server

=============================================== ==================
Hi, I see you are interested in this server, let me tell you about it!
================================================== ================
The server runs on version 1.9-1.16.x (but I advise you to log in from the latest version)
================================================== ================
You can even look at the world like a god, look here:
================================================== ================
There is a PVP zone on this server (be careful there)
================================================== ================
There are even new crafts (you can find out in the ds server), levels for mobs and talismans!
================================================== ================

Кит старт Магия

MagicTech server Minecraft

We have the best builds, even suitable for dinosaurs!


Кит старт Магия

HeimdallCraft Minecraft server

TechnoMagic server, with excellent optimization, responsive administration, download the launcher and start playing!

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BunnyCraft 1.0.5-1.0.9 Minecraft server

1.PvP arena [warp pvp]
7.SHOP [warp shop]
10 bank robbery

We have a server at 0.15.x
Port- 19136

Вампиризм Кит старт Магазин Магия Питомцы

AristoCake 1.12.2 Minecraft server

Description of the server AristoCake MCMMO server. 1.12.2
Everyone is welcome! All who wish to build peacefully and enjoy the game and travel together with other players welcome with outstretched hand! We listen to the opinions of each player and respect their needs. The choice is yours, you are the creator of your virtual reality!
We have:
1. Friendly atmosphere.
2. Responsive administration.
4 werewolves
5 vampires
6 pets
7 clans

Авто-шахта Кейсы Кит старт Магазин Магия

LopTop server Minecraft

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