BitardiaCraft Minecraft server

Server description The theme server has opened and is waiting for its new players!
Vanilla minecraft on version 1.16.1
On this server, the emphasis is on vanilla without unnecessary plugins. No shops, works, trampolines, weddings, drugs, creativity and other things created for degradation.

Version: 1.16.1
Project support:

The server is set to maximum difficulty.

Absolutely all players start the game on an equal footing, there are no starter kits here.

Call your friends, loot and get a lot of positive emotions from the game!

About new changes and not only:
> Full PVP with bar and TNT running
> Added command / rtp by popular demand (teleport to a random point on the map)
> Fair PVP system (Prohibited exits from the game and the abuse of some items)
> Added command / near allowing to track players (instead of online map) available to all anons and legionnaires
> Privates are only with a hatchet (but do it manually, without the command / wand)

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