Mcmmo Pve Survival Towny

Abnormal Crusaders (Whitelist/RLcraft)


We seek other Crusaders to join our Whitelist! We are an RLcraft Server tweaked just a little bit to be extra BRUTAL. Come and join the co-op experience, make friends & try to defend your homeland from the many vile, twisted and relentless forces of evil that roam! We are a growing server with experienced staff, No application needed however we do need you to read our server rules on discord before joining. Once you’ve read the rules, message any of the staff for whitelist!! IF YOU NEED HELP INSTALLING RLCRAFT I GOT YOU FAM <3
Keep inventory is off
Firespread is off
Mobgrief is off (enjoy grief free creepers!)

A BRIEF look at the rules (Full rules in discord, find the secret to be whitelisted)
-No Hacks, exploits, X-ray (we will know)
-Mature players only (just be cool!)
-No griefing/Stealing from builds near claims/Building near someone’s claim
-PVP is on, but think of it more like “friendly fire”
-No Spamming
-No Advertising (Streaming is cool! but don’t link yourself every 5 min in chat please <3)

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