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2K2K Survival

Custom Terrain Generation: Amazing custom terrain with models you’ve never seen before!
Custom Quests: When you need to earn some cash, items or experience, you can start a quest and receive a reward!
Custom Tags: (430x different tags) Chat tags give a cool prefix/suffix in the chat.
Crates: (4x tiers, 156x different rewards) you can open these crates and get rare loot.
Daily Rewards: If you keep coming back, you can claim your daily rewards.
Ranks: Instead of having to buy all your ranks, you can simply play for them to unlock new permissions!
Custom Enchantments: You can go to the enchanter to get custom enchants for PvP and PvE.
Auction House: Any rare items you found, auction them and get a huge sum of money!
Sky-lands Dimension: If the custom over-world isn’t enough for you, travel to the sky-lands dimension, a more risk more reward world!

Minecraft Smart Girl Header

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