Epic Survival :: 1.19 SMP :: Quests :: Skills :: Active Staff :: Great Community!

Join Epic Survival today to play on a SMP server with quests, skills, land claiming, active staff, and a friendly community!

We have also made a lightweight and simple economy that players can participate in to buy and sell items. Gather resources to level up skills, sell them for cash, complete quests, rank up, and unlock your full potential!

If you need help, the community is always happy to help in-game or in our discord server. Join today for an epic SMP experience!

Server rules (this is to give an idea of the rules for prospective new players. If you’re already playing and would like to see the more complete list of rules, please refer to /rules or the relevant discord channel):

  • No griefing, scamming, tp killing, or bypassing PvP protections (such as land claiming). PvP and dropped items outside of claims are fair game.
  • Cheating, such as hacked clients, auto clicking, xray, etc. are not allowed.
  • Do not discuss real world serious controversies, excessively swear, use sexual language, harass others, or share personal information of others or yourself.
  • No advertising.