Bedwars Creative Cross-Play Parkour Survival Vanilla


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NPC Army Custom Plugin
Forge your army and lead your NPC-soldiers into battle.

  • Geopolitical
  • Roleplay
  • Casualties of war
  • Strategic Resources
  • Capture Points
  • NPC Armies
  • Quality of Life Improvements

Strategic and capturable resources for nations to fight over. These resources can fund your empire, fuel your war machine, and provide necessary bonuses. We enforce non-toxic, non griefing warfare with legitimate roleplay and casus bellis for wars as opposed to factions styled raiding.

Our world is filled with 9 nation-states, and 20+ towns.

Some of our major nations include:
– The German Empire
– The Kingdom of Britannia
– Yūgen no Kuni
– United Levellian Republics
– Celia

Theme: Roughly medieval to 19th century

Other Gamemodes:
Quests, Dungeons, mcMMO.
Mini-Games: Chess, Mob Arena, Paintball, Build Battle.




Bedrock: Use same IP and port: 25565


Factions Tekkit

DragonCraftMC Minecraft Server Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – DragonCraftMC takes the typical factions server to the next level with the addition of Tekkit 2 mods, bringing a fresh and unique experience to the gameplay. From building epic bases to crafting advanced technology, there’s endless creativity to be explored here.

– Challenge: 4.0 – The intensity of interspace battles and alliances adds a thrilling challenge to the server. Working together with your faction to conquer enemies and dominate the server requires strategic thinking and teamwork, making for an exciting and engaging gameplay experience.

– Community: 3.5 – The community on DragonCraftMC is active and friendly, with players eager to collaborate and compete in the various factions wars. However, there could be more events or activities to encourage even more interaction and engagement among players.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – DragonCraftMC offers a creative and challenging gameplay experience with the Tekkit 2 mods, creating a unique twist on the traditional factions server. With a lively community and intense battles, this server is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Join now and start your epic journey on DragonCraftMC!

Anarchy Survival

follow the server

・No Cheat Anarchy
・Free server where anything goes (cheating, hacking, DDoS strictly prohibited)
・Newly made server made in 2024
・Everyone is welcome!
・24 hour operation
-Cheating and hacking are prohibited. I’m dealing with it with a plugin.
・Please refrain from intentionally applying load.
・Perform regular maintenance.
・If cheating or hacking is discovered, a warning or ban will be issued.
・For requests to remove incorrect bans, please contact Discord.
・If a large load is detected from a certain IP, it may be temporarily shut down.



Welcome to BeefBlocks, a vibrant Minecraft server where adventure awaits at every turn! Our server boasts the thrilling Prominence 2 RPG modpack, injecting your gameplay with a whole new level of excitement.


Boruto Epsilon

Hey hey so this server that’s been in development for like a year or two on technic it’s coming out in like 10ish hours from now and wanted to let those who like Naruto mod know

Here’s the discord for those who want to join it

Skyblock Survival

NeonMC Minecraft Server Review March 2024

Creativity: 4.5/5.0 – NeonMC really shines when it comes to offering a unique Skyblock experience with features like bosses, brewing, and minions. The Christmas Event on the Skyblock server was a nice touch that kept things exciting and festive.

– Challenge: 3.5/5.0 – While NeonMC offers a decent level of challenge, especially with the added features on Skyblock, some players might find it lacking in difficulty compared to other servers. More competitive players might crave a tougher challenge.

– Community: 5.0/5.0 – The NeonMC community is top-notch when it comes to welcoming new players and providing assistance. The Discord server is active and full of helpful players eager to engage and offer support.

– Overall Experience: 4.5/5.0 – NeonMC offers a fun and engaging Skyblock experience with a welcoming community that enhances the overall gameplay. The server’s unique features and active player base make it a great choice for Minecrafters looking for a vibrant and enjoyable gaming experience. NeonMC is definitely a server to check out for anyone looking for a mix of creativity, challenge, and a supportive community.

Bedwars Survival Survival Games


Survival server for fun for the old gaming feelngs
there are plots and a wild world to play!!!!

Whe are waiting for everyone!!!
we are waiting for everyone!!!



The fantasy BlockHeart server is back for its newest, biggest, and best season! With the incredible BlockHeart family ready to establish fantastic bases, a community capital city at spawn, a vibrant shopping district and natural economy, games events competitions and community builds, this really will be the server to be on. Inspired by the Zack Scott server in the 2000s, Coffinland, and HermitCraft, we welcome content creators to cover the servers if they want to.

We are a close community who are forever looking to expand our friendship group and all play together toward our beautiful cities and projects; as well as all doing our own thing and having a fun place to escape to within Minecraft.

We do gaming sessions on the server together; minigames, projects, events, and also play other games and have funny long calls. We have a couple of streamers and YouTubers who cover the server, and are always looking for more content creators to join too.

> No verbal abuse, racial, sexual, homophobic and xenophobic harassment etc. wont be tolerated
> No griefing or stealing – we're all very trusting
> No unlawful killing – most are okay with banterry killing, but make sure you're not annoying someone
> Have fun, and log off when you stop having fun
> No lag machines
> Contact one of the group leaders with any problems asap

Please reply to this post with the following to apply:
Discord ID
Gender identification
Favourite movie
Favourite video game
Minecraft build style
Project idea for our server
Tell me a joke 🙂
Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!





Season 2 came out!!!
Mine you’re way to better gear
Packed with tons of PvP
Play Now! Why Not?



Welcome To ApplMc Network
New Items Clans Claims &Boss
Join Us Now

Our server will grant you access to epic weapons, new Ores and gems to empower you and create your special combination of gear to dominate other players in your daily and weekly events such as clan wars , FFA , and much more, all while taking all your comments and feedback into great consideration to improve the overall experience.


Ascending Embers

─ ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ Ascending Embers ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ ─



Live map:

Everyone is welcome at Ascending Embers!

Our server is a calm and comfortable place for everyone. We are looking for both active and semi-active players.

We help each other in any way we can, so if you'd like a helping hand with redstone, need advice with a build, or if you're just new to the game, we're here for you!

─── ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ Features ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ ───

A calm and relaxing community for everyone 🏳️‍🌈

The server is on Hard difficulty ☠️

A separate Creative world

We have a render distance of 30 chunks! 👀

Elytra drops from killing the dragon to ensure everyone has a chance of getting one 🦋

─ ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ Rules & additional information ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ ─

  1. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  2. Don't intentionally provoke others, or be intolerable.
  3. Griefing or stealing will not be tolerated.
  4. Hacking, X-raying, Duplicating items, or otherwise cheating will not be tolerated.
  5. Don't build your base on the spawn island. It's reserved for shops and amusements.
  6. The secret color when applying for membership is "salmon".
  7. No amount of bigotry, hate-speech, sexism, racism, or discrimination will be tolerated.

Since we are grey-listed you will be able to log onto our server without applying, and chat with all the members as well as move around and have a look at our server.

Then, if you feel like our server would be a nice home for you, just head to our Discord (link above) and make sure to read the rules thoroughly before applying in our applications channel.

We strive to be as vanilla as possible on Ascending Embers, but we still have a few plugins:

– Core-protect is used to check for grief

– Essentials is for our grey-list and /spawn

– Multiverse-core for the multiple worlds.

– Sleep-most is to allow a single player to skip the night if someone is afk.

– Silk-spawners is pretty self-explanatory. We realize this goes a bit far from vanilla, but it's a thing we feel vanilla needs. This allows us to trade the spawners with each other as well. (Long term world only)

Server location: Montreal, Canada (but with a really good connection to Europe, and even Australia)

Server Specifications: Our server is run on a dedicated machine at GGServers. An 8-core 5Ghz CPU ensures a constant 20 TPS, along with our NVMe SSD storage and 1Gbps connection.

Economy Hardcore Survival

CraftMiners Minecraft Server Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.0 – CraftMiners really impressed me with their unique features like PETS and BloodMoon. It adds an extra layer of excitement to the hardcore survival gameplay!

– Challenge: 3.5 – The survival mode definitely kept me on my toes, but I wish there were more challenging aspects to the server to really test my skills.

– Community: 4.5 – The community on CraftMiners is so welcoming and fun to interact with! I’ve made some great friends while playing on this server.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – CraftMiners offers a refreshing take on the typical Minecraft server with its creativity and friendly community. It’s definitely worth checking out for any 15-year-old Minecrafter looking for a new adventure!

Secret code not applicable.

Cross-Play Economy Skyblock Survival


Embark on an unparalleled Minecraft adventure with our OP Generators server! Earners is a thriving community where creativity and efficiency collide. Unleash powerful generators to fuel your epic factory and conquer unique challenges. Immerse yourself in a dynamic gaming realm, where our OP Generators redefine resource gathering limits. Discover a server that prioritizes player experience and competition. Join us now and elevate your Minecraft gameplay with our cutting-edge OP Generators server – where every block holds endless possibilities!

Cross-Play Lifesteal


Hi! Welcome to FyreFunRealm, which is a lifesteal SMP, as well as a GunPVP and creative!
The server is really small so dont expect the server to be well moderated or have a good anticheat!



🍔🎮 Craving a Byte-sized Adventure? Dive into SoulCraft, the Gaming Feast!

🌮 Today's Specials:

  • XP Extravaganza: Savor the Flavors of Endless Progression! 📈🎉
  • Quest Buffet: A Tantalizing Spread of Challenges Awaits! 🏹🗺️
  • Community Cuisine: Join the Potluck of Gaming Delights! 🍲🎮
  • Monthly Rewards Feast: A Side of Prizes to Satisfy Your Appetite! 💰🏆

🍕 Call NOW to Place Your Order! Experience the Ultimate Gaming Flavor, where every bite is a new level of fun.

Kitpvp Lifesteal Pvp

Unity Network Minecraft Server Review March 2024

– Challenge: 3.5/5.0 – While Unity Network offers unique features, the overall challenge level may not be as high as some players are looking for. The server could benefit from more difficult tasks to keep experienced Minecrafters engaged.

– Community: 4.0/5.0 – The community on Unity Network is friendly and active, creating a welcoming environment for players to connect and have fun together. The server’s Discord channel is filled with memes and humor, adding to the overall enjoyment of the community experience.

– Overall Experience: 4.0/5.0 – Unity Network presents a captivating Minecraft server with its creative features and strong community engagement. While it could use some more challenging gameplay elements, the overall experience is enjoyable and worth checking out for 15 year old Minecrafters looking for a unique server experience.


Modded Bean Burrito

Big Bean Burrito but modded. Originally intended for just minecolonies, but has grown to be a mix of tech and magic with a heavy emphasis on town and colony creation. Pretty much anarchy, so be respectful of other players. Curseforge link can be found in the FAQ on the website.

Cross-Play Oneblock

X Network Oneblock



Welcome to karlssonSMP! ✨🚀

What started in late August 2023 by a couple of friends who decided to invite new players turned into a fun and small community of like-minded players, our goal is to make it feel like you're just playing with friends.

At karlssonSMP our priority is to maintain the essence of the original game by preserving its vanilla aspects. However, we've implemented a few quality of life datapacks to ensure a smoother experience for all players.

Apply here: Discord

⚔️ Enhanced Gameplay: Experience the best of both worlds with vanilla gameplay complemented by carefully selected quality-of-life datapacks. Dive into a seamless gaming experience with features like custom armor statues for personalized aesthetics, mini blocks for intricate builds, anti-grief measures against creepers and endermen, player head drops upon vanquishing opponents, their heads will now serve as trophies and more mob heads where mobs have a chance of dropping their head.

  • Multiplayersleep
  • Hermitcraft inspired
  • Shopping district
  • Squaremap
  • Respectful and fun members
  • 10k World border
  • Map reset every 6 months

You can find out more information about the server and its datapacks on our discord!

🚫 Zero Tolerance Policy: Enjoy a safe and fair gaming environment with strict rules against stealing, cheating, and griefing. Our community upholds integrity and respect for all players, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

🔒 Server Details: Our Java Edition server runs on PaperMC and is located in Europe, ensuring a smooth gameplay. Currently, we are on version 1.20.4.

How to Join:

Applying is easy! Simply hop onto our discord server and submit your application. Join a community of like-minded gamers and become part of the karlssonSMP family. We welcome all players, from casual builders to hardcore survivalists.

See you on karlssonSMP! ✨🚀

Minecraft Servers to Join

The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

Minecraft Servers List

A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of servers.

Minecraft Servers Survival

Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!