1.12.2 Balance Balanced Gems Giveaway Giveaways Lucky Lucky Block Lucky Blocks Oins Prison Tok Token Unch Vanilla


AgesMC is back for good!
Play now and we giveaway a bunch of items! We welcome anyone who joins and wants to have a good experience with a prison server!
Lucky Blocks!
Token Shop!
Balanced Ranks!
Giveaways all the time!

Change Cow Crawl Crawling Factions Gamemodes Hole Mean Mini Games Parkour Skyblock Stream Streamer Vanilla Youtube


This is a server that is meant for people who necessarily just want to have fun on MineCraft, whether it be PVP or even being cowardly and crawling up into a cave. This is a server that Mist is trying to make different from others. If you join now, you can see the changes as they’re being added – Factions is now available, we are adding gamemodes one by one!

YouTube: Fizz Mist

Join the server made by Mist the streamer today!
Help make the beginning of a whole new era of the just-beginning server!

Areas Brain Conomy Construction Econ Econom Economy Hate Lea Ops Please Roleplay Sorry Storm Survival


Please Join! BrainStormMC Survival Has Shops and a Economy! It has PVP areas too! Please Join!! We Are Still Under Construction So Please No Hate. Sorry if Server Is not Up.

1.9 Egg Eggwars Generation Gmc Ideas Mini Games Networks Next Gen Ports Prison Roleplay Skyblock Survival Trans


SkyGamingMC is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all.

– OpEggWars
– Prison
– Skyblock
– Survival

IP: Hub.SkyGaming.iR
Website. wWw.SkyGaming.iR

Supports 1.9-1.14

1.14 Advertising Border Cheating Claiming Fur Furnace Interesting Iris Land Claim Latest Pvp Survival Survival Game Vanilla is a new Irish Minecraft server. It is the latest 1.14.3 survival game with added chest/furnace locking and land claiming. PVP is enabled and there is a world border to keep things interesting. A discord server with game chat sync is available.

Rules: No Grief/Theft!; No cheating; No advertising; Up to date rules can be seen by running /rules

Crate Crates Event Events Gkits Hard Kit Kits Lud Pvp Rates Raven Shards Skyblock Train



» We are a Skyblock Server and We include :
» Crates
» Shop
» Friendly Community
» Events
» Ranks
» Shards
» Trained Staff
» Gkits
» And More!

» Make sure to join our discord!

Economy Eevee Inventory Keepinv Keepinventory Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Pve Reforged Shiny Starter Survival Train Unlimited Wondertrade


**EeveeCraft A Pixelmon Reforged Server**
Server based around the players and Community!
A Brand New Server Looking For Active Players
Shiny Starters and Active Staff!
EVTraing I WonderTrade I KeepInventory I Unlimited Homes I Free /EVS and /IVS
Currently Running Pixelmon 7.0.6!

1.12.2 1000 Claiming Economy Factions Purchase Pvp Resource Resources Roleplay Scale Tax Tool Tools Vanilla

Vanilla Earth

Vanilla Earth is a 1:1000 scale Earth map in 1.12.2 Vanilla.

Forming factions and claiming land is FREE, and there is NO TAX on the land you claim.

Players can purchase items from other players on the auction hall, which can be accessed by using the “/ah” command.

Players can purchase items from the server shop, such as building resources and tools, which can be accessed by using the “/shop” command.




1.14 Application Applications Bran Brand Economy Emc Entertaining Factions Hardcore Love Mcmmo Perms Strife Survival


This is a brand new server. We have Factions with 12 different ranks all with new perms! We are looking for staff applications as well and would love to build a fun entertaining community. Join today the server is version 1.14

Anarchy Ander Equal Equality Euro Europe Guy Meme Memes Pvp Sand Social Socialism Survival Vanilla

Bernies socialist server

started 5/30/2019
Bernie sanders official server
the server is socialist now
equality and free Dirt for all
its just a server with no plugins or anything do what we let you do. its like the Europe. everything is great. calling people by there incorrect pronouns is not okay. using the word socialism is okay tough.
we also have a discord (with socailist memes)