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🍺The Tavern 🍺 Whitelisted| 18+| 1.15.2 Semi Vanilla|Survival|Hard|Discord|Datapacks|400+ Achievements

Welcome to The Tavern, a whitelisted age 18+ JAVA Minecraft Server.

What does The Tavern Bring to you?

  • 18+ members, A lot of us are 20+.
  • A Whitelisted server experience. No loss of all your hard work from random people.
  • * A long term map and community.

  • No map resets, unless necessary.
  • We will update to the latest game versions as they release.
  • Newbies are welcomed, new to Minecraft or a veteran, We’re here to help answer any of your questions about the game.
  • We try to have server events, themed spawn around holidays.
  • We use discord, voice chat is optional.
  • A Semi-Vanilla Experience

  • We run on spigot/paper. Mostly staff-related plugins for server management. We keep it as simple as possible.
  • We mostly use data packs, such as multiplayer sleep, and double shulker shells. ( full list below)
  • The map started as of September 11th, 2018. With a good variety of biomes, and lots of space!
  • We’re still growing our community, The majority of members are users we’ve gotten through forums who then invited all their friends to the server. 2-10 users online throughout the day.
  • A 100% survival built spawn and nether hub. The spawn theme is Medieval, but of course, if you choose to build anything out in the world, you can build it in anything theme you’d like.
  • What are we looking for?

  • Politeness and consideration of others.
  • Enjoys chatting and working with others. We love working together and overall just friendliness.
  • See something, say something. Communicate with our community.
  • Rules of The Tavern

    – You represent the community, act accordingly.

    – The required age is 18+

    – Swearing is allowed. Targeted comments and harassment of any kind are not.

    – Porn/R rated images are not allowed in discord or in-game.

    – Political and Controversial Discussions should be kept to a minimum or in DM’s

    – Don’t spam chat or voice except for our spam channel.

    – Use bot commands in the bot channel.

    – Advertising without permission is not allowed. Exception your arts & crafts in art channel. e.g don’t private message everyone a link to join another discord server.

    Vanilla Minecraft Server Rules

    – No cheating, stealing, griefing, glitching or exploitation of any kind

    – Don’t lag the server.

    – Afk farms, fishing are allowed within reason.

    – No farms on top/above the bedrock in the nether. Don’t glitch or break bedrock.

    – Don’t completely destroy wilderness terrain. (unless it’s your claimed area).

    – Flatten wilderness areas when mass collecting blocks.

    – Repair damage done to public/wilderness areas. E.g you made a creeper blow up at spawn by accident.

    – Do not build within 300 blocks of players/spawn. Unless permission is granted or the player has the neighbors wanted role in discord.
    – Do not mine under/at spawn.

    – Have a proper location for killing wither boss. Do not use the end portal or kill near spawn locations e.g the nether hub.

    – Only spawn & market area has a specific build theme. Otherwise, build in any theme you want.
    – PvP must be agreed upon.

    – When claiming an ocean monument, stronghold, village, mansion or generated structures alike. Use our landclaim plugin to claim the area so people are aware its claimed and do not mine it out by accident. Or use indicators e.g signs, private signs in the area to let people know its claimed.


  • Mob grief is enabled (except ghast)
  • Fire spread is off
  • Inventory drops upon death
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • The map is 20k x 20k we will expand when needed during updates.
  • Data packs :

    HeadChanger,50% player sleep, TPA Datapack, Chest Locking, BAC Advancements, XP Bottling, Double Shulker Shells, Customizable Armorstands, More Mob Heads(hermit craft mob head data pack/decoration heads), Sethome Datapack, Timber Datapack (gold axes one-hit chop down trees)

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    Social Hangover 👽 | 18+ | Vanilla & Creative

    Social Hangover | 1.15.2 👽

    A refreshingly vanilla Minecraft experience,
    with no grief, micro-transactions or vote rewards.

    🔞 Active 18+ community

    Social Hangover is a laid-back community of adult players. Our few rules are fairly relaxed and you’re pretty much free to do as you please.

    🎨 NEW! Creative server

    Tired of plot creative servers? So are we! Create your own creative worlds to build to your heart’s delight. Building something on our survival server? Use our transfer tool to bring your builds over to creative in a snap. We’re super proud of what we’ve created so far and you’re going to love it!

    🍦 Vanilla with sprinkles

    Why change the recipe? We’re committed to serving up an authentic Minecraft experience. We’ve added a small sprinkle of enhancements to the vanilla Minecraft formula in the form of chest protection, random spawn points, player heads and armor stand editing. And we’re always looking for the perfect combination of toppings to make the damn sundae you’ve ever had!

    📺 Streamer friendly

    Founded with love by a couple of Twitch streamers. You and your community are more than welcome here.

    ❌ No land claiming

    Build wherever and whatever you want. Let your creativity flourish!

    ❌ No teleports or warps

    There is no /tp, /home or /spawn (we’re vanilla after all). Get around via an extensive ice highway network. There are plenty of places to visit!

    💰 Player-run economy

    No economy plugins! The economy is entirely managed by our community. Visit our shopping district at 0,0 in the overworld!

    🤗 More than a Minecraft server

    We’re extremely active on Discord. Come join our weekly party game and karaoke nights.

    🛸 We out here on Discord –

    Customenchants Customitems Economysurvival Griefprotection Nopvpsurvival Shopschestshop Survival

    BP-Survival – [Custom Items] [Custom Boss Mobs] [Custom Items] [No PvP]

    Hello Player!

    Looking for a fun, eventful, family-friendly minecraft server? Well look no further! This server includes land claiming, player shops, quest, player warps, and more!

    If you want more information regarding BP-Survival just join our discord channel!

    Come have fun with us on the server join now!

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    [1.15.2] Potato Verse – Hardcore Vanilla Survival

    Potato Verse is a small survival server that strives to keep the original Minecraft Hard-mode Survival experience.

    There are only two rules on Potato Verse, Don’t hack & Don’t Spam, anything else is fair game on Potato Verse

    Join the Discord:

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    ★ Vale – Towny, Jobs, McMMO, Slimefun & Custom Enchants ★

    Vale is a friendly survival Towny server, with over 20 ranks, based on economy, building, towns, and ranking up while earning better commands and perks.

    On Vale, you’ll never get bored. When you’re not playing survival Minecraft, you’re enchanting your tools and armor with custom enchants, and when you’re not building in your Towny Town, you’re earning money via jobs, shops, lotteries and quests.

    If that doesn’t grab your attention, our crate system can be obtained via survival, events, and more. Get rewards for playing and being active, and the longer you stay – the more rewarding Vale gets.

    We’re a server that has just recently relaunched, with a fresh map and new plugins and a new, unique experience.

    Play Now!
    Visit our website

    Landclaim Pve Pvp Rtp Survival

    Celestial Craft

    Celestial Craft is a new 1.15.2 survival server. We have a lot to offer and we hope you enjoy it 😀 We’re also adding a bunch of custom weapons and tools.

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    DWO – Doctor Who Minecraft Server


    Looking to appeal a ban? Please don’t post here!
    We won’t respond to people trying to get unbanned here, we have a proper place for those on our forums where we will reply to them all equally. Please ask there!
    Appeal here!

    Earth Earthmap Irl Roleplay Survival Towny

    Towny Earth [1.8 – 1.15.2] Earth Map No Teleportation Vehicles Gold Economy Weapons Election & Revolutions War Slimefun

    Welcome to your best life!

    Join Towny Earth for a real life experience in MC!

    Some features:

  • Real world 1:1000 scaled map (
  • Gold is currency
  • You can claim towns/nations, or join them!
  • Buy vehicles, fly planes, drive cars, ride trains, or launch into the future with hover bikes
  • Build advanced technologies with Slimefun, such as nuclear reactors and power sources
  • Purchase and use advanced modern weaponry, with associated attachments
  • Brew alcoholic drinks
  • Get married!
  • All of this on Towny Earth!

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    Illager Net — Semi-Anarchy Hardcore


  • 72-hour deathban
  • Randomized spawn in a 10,000 block square radius
  • Discord chat integration. Invite
  • Moderation
    This server has minimal moderation, relying on anti x-ray, anticheat, and plugin design to promote fairness and civility. Though we don’t have any hard set rules, we do want to promote an enjoyable play environment in line with the spirit of Hardcore. Action will be taken against exceptionally disruptive players. In general, remember:

  • Don’t abuse client hacks
  • No malicious use of scripts or bots
  • Be respectful in chat
  • Raiding, Griefing, and PvP are fully permitted
  • Use common sense
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    Workbench is primarily a survival server that aims to provide well-rounded gameplay through the use of features that help add to your overall experience instead of get in your way. Some of the features of our server include land claiming and grief protection, player teleportation, a balanced economy and mob spawning system, a shop system, and a PvP system that not only balances unfair combat but allows you to toggle it on or off.