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ViveSMP Hermitcraft | Whitelist | Vanilla | New

Who Are We? ViveSMP, a new Vanilla Hermicraft server that doesn’t use any land claim or teleporting to other players. We like to keep close to vanilla.

Why Whitelist and How Do I Join? Simple, we use whitelist to ensure that our players are mature and not going to cause any hassle. This stops cheaters from joining constantly and allows the community to keep together. If you want to join use the discord link below.

What Plugins Do You Use? We have our own personal Developer who maintains the server and ensures everything added that could be seen as non vanilla is called upon a community vote. Democracy.

What Do I Do Once I Join The Discord? Answer the questions in the apply format channel and wait for an admin to accept you in. This doesnt usually take too long.

How Old Is The Server? 5 Days as of this post

Can I Pay For Things With Real Money? ´╗┐You can purchase cosmetic effects only. No Pay2Win