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Elijah’s Kingdom [SMP] {1.16.3}

Server Information:


Elijah’s Kingdom Is an SMP server featuring the following:
Survival overworld with a nether and end, Custom resource pack with cosmetic hats and hopefully custom items in the near future. Minigames such as Spleef, Skywars, and Beatdown with room for expansion. Belove plugins such as: Mcmmo, Artmap, AuctionHouse, access to essentialsx /sell hand, ShopChest, and more. We also have Voter/Donor ranks that comes with perks like creative mode, pets, disguises, and again much more!


(all ranks get the previous ranks’ perks as well)
priest = 100 votes
knight = 400 votes
bishop = 700 votes
lord = 1100 votes
hero = 3000 votes
artisan = 4000 votes
(these ranks are also purchasable through the donation store)

Our aim:
Here at Elijah’s Kingdom our aim is to provide players with a mature environment in which they may freely build and relax.
Come and check us out!

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