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TerraeMC – Towny Survival Server!

TerraeMC is a towny server with Custom Enchants and 1.8 PvP (with god apple crafts), the server has the real world map in his 1:1000 size, we have a loving and helpful staff team, we are doing events every week on the server, we also have upcoming events with MythicMobs and most importantly we have a nice community who likes to help new players!

You can join our discord server at:
You can watch the current live-time dynmap at:


  • Slimefun 4
  • Essentials
  • Gringotts (item based economy)
  • McMMO (latest version)
  • Towny
  • MythicMobs
  • CrazyEnvoys
  • CrazyAuctions
  • WorldEdit
  • MineableSpawners
  • ChestShop
  • + much more!


  • You can get 2 gold for each votes and get a vote token to use it on the vote shop (/vshop)!
  • You can create your own sign shop to sell to other players.
  • Premium ranks can be purchased at /buy & Tebex.
  • A fresh new world map where you can start building the towns you always dreamed of.
  • In-game item based economy (which is gold on our server!)
  • Server Discord for voice/text chat. We also have a text channel that links to our Minecraft server!
  • Rules: