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AppleRealms Towny Earth

AppleRealms Towny Earth!

AppleRealms Towny Earth is a Survival Server with a focus on Towns and the planet Earth! We are a friendly community, always helping each other out and having a whole lot of fun on the way! We can’t wait to meet you.


– Set up towns and become wealthy!
– The map replicates the Earth!
– mcMMO
– Free lottery draw every thirty minutes!
– Auction House to sell items!
– Tree felling. Chop down entire trees with one hit and find rare loot!
– Resource worlds that reset every 30 days to protect the natural beauty of the Earth’s Landscape!
– Earn money by joining jobs!
– Vote daily to earn rewards in game!
– And more… Join to find out!

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Villlagescape is a survival/citybuilding/rpg server, players can build or join their own town and grow in tiers, every tier provides a different benefit for the city, also people can trade with eachother by visiting cities, and to provide extra coins people can do jobs!

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MineSMP is a Minecraft server consisting of economy, custom coding, custom structures, custom items, custom dimensions, basically everything custom, as well as a land claim system.

We ensure to give you a fair, enjoyable player experience with a growing community and a caring staff team. We make sure that all purchasable perks and ranks are not Pay2Win and we also offer PayPal prizes.

Our store:



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Welcome to EmeraldSkies! We do our best here to entertain the playerbase and give a unique skyblock experience. We add all sorts of fun plugins and have a small staff team that keeps everything maintained and working well. Updates are regular and downtimes are short.
Staff applications are open, and always will be. Join our discord to apply!

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Join Today!!!

Player based economy
Points and Money based online shop
Custom Enchants
Custom plugins
Custom Drops
1.8 P v P
Auction House
Mob Loot
Fishing Competitions
Working Ski Mountain
Phat Loots
Banks (with interest)

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C1 Central

Welcome to C1Central Survival!
Server IP:
Version: 1.8.X

We have:

Discord: (Apply for staff here)
Website: (Soon)

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CloudCraft SMP[Hermitcraft Like]


We are a small group of friends who have played Minecraft together over the past few years. We are looking for a few more people to join our relatively new multiplayer server that started on Saturday, April 25. Some of the community aspects of our past servers include a spawn town, community builds (town hall, nether hub, etc.), shops, community farms, games, and more. So far we consistently have 2-4 players online and at peak hours from 9 pm-2 am est we have upwards to 10 players on at the same. We are only looking for a few more players that will be active and contribute to the server in a positive way.


Server Location: United States(Specifically Los Angeles)

Version: 20w17a Vanilla

server started on: April 25, 2020

Server Host: CubedHost 4GB

Data packs: afk display, anti enderman, armour statues, double shulker shells, durability ping, more mob heads, multiplayer sleep, player head drops, silence mobs (nametag called silence)

Custom Crafting recipes: Quartz and dark prismarine


– No griefing and/or stealing

– No mods/cheating (mini maps and optifine are ok)

– PVP only if the other person agrees

– Must join discord server


Please copy the questions below and reply to this thread or message us directly with your application. You will be invited to the discord if accepted.

Minecraft IGN:
Where you are from(country/timezone):

Age (18+ only):

Discord username (Ex. UserName#0000) :

Tell us about yourself:

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Minecraft server/world (Ex. Building/Redstone):

Please insert screenshots of your best build’s(Greatly appreciated):

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WorldWarMC 1:200 world’s largest Earth Map Political Factions **RESET*** – **GUNS** **MOVECRAFT **VEHICLES** 1.8-1.15.2

Earth Factions on the possibly largest earth map used on a server, build your nation, found your army, and have influence all over the world! Build cities or nations from any time period, trade with allies, explore the world and fight your enemies!

1:200 Earth Map that generates as you explore it, new regions appear on the dynmap as players explore it. Map is an accurate 1:200 map with caves!
WW2 Guns: The server has a large amount of guns that can be bought from the server shop, Shoot anything from golden Walther PPKs to PPSH-41s!
Vehicles: Drive tanks such as the T-34 or Panzer IV, bikes, cars, and a plane! (We hope to add even more)
Movecraft: Build battleships, submarines, airships, and more out of blocks with movecraft! Build anything from a small sailboat to a giant aircraft carrier that flies, anything is possible!
Non abusive staff: We don’t have annoying teenage moderators who check everything you say and do, and abuse.
Change your nick in game! All players have access to /nick with colours

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MOGL – Ever-expanding Life Simulation

NEW: Smokers, Happiness Meter, Cargo Ship Imports, Medicinal Herbs & Pills

Follow us!
Twitter – @playMOGLtoday
YouTube – MOGL

MOGL is all about giving players a unique Minecraft experience. Although it incorporates elements of Role-Play, GTA, The Sims, etc. It doesn’t restrict you to one play style. Adventure in our Darkzone. Roelplay with friends. Farm promotion levels in your job. Get into real estate. Become a drug manufacturer. In MOGL, the opportunities are endless!

Core Features


There are a variety of Jobs you can select from. For an example, we’ll talk about Miner. As a Miner, you head into the city mine and start mining. Each ore gives you different amounts of money and a little EXP for that Job. Earn enough EXP to level up and get PROMOTED. After being promoted, you’ll receive an increase in pay. Reach max promotion level, and you can prestige!
Some of our jobs include: Miner, Lawn Mower, Waste Collector, Farmer, Cop, Plumber, and more!

If you’re looking to become a criminal, it’s easy! There are no procedures or knowledge requirements. Just like in real life, if you want to be a criminal, you just have to commit a crime (we do not endorse real crime). Go break a window, murder someone, hot wire a vehicle, rob someone, break into a home, or even start producing illegal potions.

If you’re tired of being a lowlife criminal, create a GANG and start making money off of your gang member’s crimes.

After a while, renting doors may not be as exciting as it used to be. You want to build! You want to start a business! You want a customized hideout for your gang! Properties allow you to do all this, and more! You can even open up your own HOTEL! Manage it, build on it, sell it, corner the market, get into real estate!

Uncover the mysteries surrounding the city. Fight mutated creatures and make your way through a handcrafted, overgrown city. Traverse the toxic landscape and delve deep into the ancient factories that started it all. Farm for Darkpower to increase your strength against the mutated. Find Honey Traders along the way to sell the Honey you collect from the mutated. Explore and discover hidden paths, shortcuts, and secret rooms.

The Darkzone expands with each new update. Grab a couple of friends and see how far you can make it!

Since MOGL is in beta, we’re always adding new features, items, custom sound effects and textures. Stay updated by joining our Discord, and help us create new features by submitting your ideas in the #request-a-feature section.

Take a look at our Getting Started video to get just a little taste of what MOGL has to offer!

Join our Discord

Use to join!

To join, post your Minecraft IGN in the #request-whitelist channel of the discord server. Use to login!

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GeoWonder | Minecraft Earth Server

GeoWonder is a Minecraft Server based on a map of EARTH! There is factions and much more like:

>VEHICLES! Planes and Cars!
>Events and Giveaways
>Wars and Alliances
>Epic Staff Team

Server Info:

Version: 1.15.2
Discord (Perma Invite):