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Farmtopia is a NEW Farming Server!

What stands us out from the rest? We legit enjoy playing Minecraft like you and enjoy Farming with a relaxed community often making friends for life simply just by playing the game. Friendly & experienced staff, not banning you over something minor and stupid!

Blaze through our ranks with money from farming and voting to earn amazing perks and rewards! That will help you reach the top of the Farmtopian leaderboards!

Stop searching for a good server! You’ve found one! Join us and Let’s get Farming! -)>

– Free Fly!
– Farming Economy with
– Auto Or Manual Farming
– Friendly & Fun Community
– Relaxed Playing Experience
– Limited Hostile Mobs
– Chunk Based Land Claims
– Anti-grief with Rollbacks
– Dynmap
– Crates

SERVER VERSIONS: 1.7 to 1.15.2 although it’s suggested you play on the more recent MC versions.