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🔥OmgMc Mature Factions /Competitive 🔥 | 1.15.2 | mcMMO | Vaults | Rankups | 1.8 PVP Mechanics | Giveaways! | 🔥🔥

Server Opened after a Month of Beta Testing on 5/1/2020

Who are we? The OmgMC Network is a small, but vastly growing Minecraft server network that provides its users with a variety of game styles and types. From swords to picks, towers to houses and PVP to survival, both PVP Based and Faction based gamemodes make up the OmgMcNetwork. We understand the hassle to find the perfect server. Lucky enough, we strive to have the best gameplay to offer YOU and to all of our players. Our servers are completed with professional and fair staff who are highly experienced in Minecraft and will be able to help you in all aspects of the game. With a dedicated server, running 24/7 YOU can now join our community and play your own role in a welcoming community!

Fair-Play: We strive to be a user-based community by not boasting by play to win packages, just about everything can be purchased with In Game money and ways to attain ranks, ALL In-Game!

Release: Thanks to a team of AMAZING Beta testers, the server has been fully developed and ready to join! As of 5/1/2020 the server has gone public! Regardless, we encourage suggestions to better our server and steady growing community! We hope YOU can be apart of this opportunity to watch, dedicate, and become a top faction to soon gain awesome rewards, kits, and ranks!

Link to the Staff Application:

We are constantly always looking to satisfy player needs and as such, we are actively looking to recruit a diverse and knowledgeable staff team!

width=20Factions & McMMO & CUSTOM Plugins!
width=20RPG-Styled Spawn Area, Shops, and Much More!
width=20VARIABLE Crate Keys from Mining Ores & Slaying “Bosses,” Dynamic Crates with Special rewards!
width=20Active Community & Discord!
width=20Monthly Voting Reward with 5 TOP Voters Picked First Day of the New Month!
width=20Old-school PVP mechanics, King of the Hill and Factions Wars!

Growth: This indeed in a new and upcoming server, and shows much potential for growth! With YOUR help, OmgMc will maintain a thriving and active community! Thank you, and looking forward to meeting you in our community and cannot wait to see everyone become apart of it!