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If you like politics, warfare or roleplay, this server is perfect for you! Having been around for over 5 years and being the oldest server of its type, we’ve created a community of fearless warriors, talented builders, contraption experts, peaceful diplomats and prudent strategists. We use a replica of the Earth world as the custom map to make the international relations even more tense.

The server runs on 1.15.2. and is mostly vanilla, with only some basic plugins. Unlike the other political servers we don’t have the factions plugin, which makes the claiming and land disputes less limiting and way more realistic.

Join the server, explore the world and find your hometown! Create your nation, make a government, build your cities and colonize! Make alliances, declare wars, fight and conquer the world! The history is up to you!

To learn more about the server, learn the rules and meet the tight-knit community join our Discord:

Disclaimer: This is not an anarchy server, hacking is strictly forbidden! It’s also not a family-friendly server