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[IG] Classic Survival (Native 1.15.2) ✪ Land Claim & Anti Grief ✪ Lag Free ✪ Autosell Chests ✪ Enderchests ✪ Farming ✪ Jobs ✪ ShopGUI ✪ McMMO ✪

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Welcome to Impulse Gaming!

Impulse Gaming is a community known for a great staff team and a user-based experience. With over 3 years of experience in hosting Minecraft Servers, we are able to bring you the best of the best with our expertise and advanced knowledge!

  • Friendly & Non-Judgmental Community
  • CS:GO Fashioned Crates
  • Friendly Survival
  • Land management Plugin w/ Claims & Powerful Anti-Grief Measures
  • Auction House w/ Web Panel (Premium)
  • Safe Trading
  • Economy with ShopGUI+ (Buy & Sell Items)
  • Jobs Reborn
  • McMMO
  • Custom Item Cleaner
  • PVP Toggle
  • Native 1.15.2 Support
  • User Friendly (Easy to use interfaces and commands)
  • Secure Back-end & Front-end
  • Cursing Allowed
  • Lag Free & Optimized Server
  • Full Fledged Website @ [​color=#3598db][​/color]
  • Free Auto-sell Chests for Effortless Mob Farming
  • Huge world (50K x 50K)
  • Fully Functioning and Accessible Nether & End Worlds
  • Individual Chest & Container Locking for Enhanced Security
  • Vote Rewards
  • Zero Tolerance Anti-Grief Policy

    We know how devastating being a victim of griefing is. While we have done everything to protect our users against this, sometimes those measures are not used properly or something fails. If anyone is caught griefing, they will be permanently banned with no attempt to appeal. Anyone who griefs and is caught will be punished this way, regardless of the size and/or quantity.

  • Intel® Core® i7 9700K
  • DDR4 RAM
  • NVMe SSD Drives
  • 1Gbit Port with 100GBPS+ Game Filter/Firewall (DDoS Mitigation)
  • Hosted in New York City, New York.