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DivineTowny [1.15.2] – Quests / Mcmmo + Jobs / Ranks

Welcome to Divine Towny!

BRAND NEW 1.15.2 – Towny – McMMO – Jobs – Free Ranks – Crates – Backpacks

Divine Towny is a 1.15.2 survival server, dedicated to providing the best gameplay for our players. Rank up through 21 in-game ranks by earning money through Jobs or the shop. These ranks provide you with perks and commands that will help you along your adventure! Create or join a Town to team up with fellow members and climb the leaderboards together. All feedback is greatly appreciated; ensuring Divine makes our players happy is our number 1 priority. From the DivineTowny staff team, we hope you enjoy your stay!



Plugins/features: 21 In-game Ranks, Jobs, McMMO, Crates, Backpacks, AuctionHouse, Lottery, Harbor, ShopGUI

  • Each plugin is customized and tailored to fit Divine’s style, with interactive menus and database storage wherever applicable
  • Worldborders: Towny 20k x 20k, End 20k x 20k, Nether 2.5k x 2.5k, Resource 6k x 6k

  • All four worlds are pre-rendered in order to mitigate lag.