1point15 247uptime Anarchy Hard Latestversion Pve Pvp Stable Survival Vanilla

Hard Survival Anarchy (1.15.2) | Really Hard To Lag! | Best Anti Cheat! | |

Welcome to my official anarchy server! Here you can do what ever you want.
The server stays up to date with the latest version of minecraft and its really hard to lag! –
(will be in 1.16 when it comes out and when spigot supports it)
The server has been up for 5 months now and its doing very well.
You can create clans, build that thing you’ve always wanted to build, explore out to the thousands, even the millions if your brave enough in this hard world!

Also for anyone that doesn’t know what anarchy means – anarchy = do whatever

If you’d like to support the server go here

If you want to join our discord server join here

– You can now see my servers at different websites, the websites are listed below –

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyserver Hacksallowed Norules Vanilla

Camelot – 24/7 Anarchy Server – NO RULES

What is this server?

Camelot is a NEW Minecraft anarchy server that is currently running the latest snapshot! Since this is true anarchy, there are no rules and no busted commands like /tpa and /sethome. Hacking is of course allowed and will not be punished.

A new server means a head start towards world domination!

Anarchy Anarchysurvival Free Hard Nocheat Nohacks Norules Semivanilla Survival

Zees Pub No Rules/No Hacks/No Pay2Win Semi-Vanilla Survival

Zees Pub No Rules/No Hacks/No Pay2Win Semi-Vanilla
Survival is built on Paper as the server base, runs on a Linux Dedicated
server, we use SilkSpawners to make Spawners Mineable with Silk Touch,
EssentialsX For The Basics, FastLeafDecay, Gatekeeper, HarborSleep
Plugin, and Lasso. ONLY Anonymous donations are allowed, there is no
buying admin, items, ranks, particles, cosmetics, etc… You Donate to
keep the server running on a High Performance Dedicated Server with
Gigabit Fiber connection, thats it.


Intel Core i7 9700K


M.2 NVMe Drive

Gigabit Fiber Ethernet
Plugins installed on server: SilkSpawners, Essentials, FastLeafDecay,Gatekeeper,Harbor,Lasso

2b2t 2b2tclone Allowed Anarchy Dedicated Hacks Hacksallowed Hacksclientscheats Norules Pvp Survival Teamspeak

P.I.T – True Anarchy / Survival (HACKS ALLOWED) 1.15.2



P.I.T is a vanilla server where there is nothing holding you back. The world is a playground where anyone can do anything.
There are no rules or restrictions meaning you can play the game however you want to play.
You can play survival alone or with friends. You can team up and take down other players. You can build large castles and kingdoms and rule over it however you wish.
This is a server where you can literally do anything. No one will stop you. No one can report you.
This is true survival.
There is no protected zone, PvP is fully enabled. Houses can be griefed and stolen from. And the world will never be reset.
The world is yours. Do with it as you wish.

(NEW UPDATE: We now have a server Discord – )

Server IP:

Total player count as of 29/3/2019: 10,426
Online since June 2016

*Server will not be reset. The world stays persistent for as many years as possible

**While there are no rules, the law still applies. For this reason scamming players for real money and personal information cannot be accepted. To keep all players safe, anyone found to be scamming will be dealt with.

***This server is massive! The world file is very large and when multiple people are online, they can often be literally millions of blocks away from each other. Because of this, players with slower computers or internet connections may experience performance issues while playing on the server. We try to keep the server as up-to-date as possible though to keep the server running as smooth as possible!

Anarchy Griefing Pve Pvp Raiding Ranks Semivanilla Shop Shopkeepers Spleef Spleefarena Survival Vanilla

Emerald Haze

Emerald Haze is a Dedicated Survival server that has tried to maintain the vanilla feel.
Adult 18+
Griefing and Raiding are Encouraged!!
PvP is Allowed!!
Friendly Helpful Players and Staff available 24/7
Come Join our active Minecraft community Now!!
Our IP is:
Our Subreddit is:
Our Discord is:

Anarchy Economy Survival Vanilla

Vinagre Craft

Este é um servidor 100% survival e livre! não existe pay to win aqui, este servidor se mantém por meio de “doações” e do próprio dono.

Todos são bem-vindos! se deseja ter um experiência survival sem mini-games ou qualquer outra besteira de muitos servidores por ai, entre para nossa comunidade!

Versões suportadas: 1.14.2 até 1.15+

Anarchy Bedrock Cracked Desert Faction Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Factionspvp Factionsurvival Hack Hacking Hacking Allowed Hackingsurvival Hacks Hacksallowed Java Jungle Norule Pvp Pvping Pvpsurvival Survival Terrain Tunnels

New Custom Terrain | Anarchy & Factions | Java & Bedrock | Utiltium

A survival anarchy and Factions 1.15.2 cracked server with both Dann’s World Generator and “the normal one” for Java and Bedrock via GeyserMC.Hacked Clients are allowed, just don’t affect the system performance.

Join for:

  • Factions
  • Anarchy
  • Nice terrain
  • Cross-platform
  • PvP with hacked clients
  • Factions map:

    Anarchy Hardcore Hardcore Pvp Pvp Survival Vanilla


    Vanilla Survival As Intended! Build, Explore, Loot, Or Destroy!
    Survive Alone Or Try To Join Others!

    Anarchy Challenge Custom Hard Hardcore Norules Survival

    ban land | Deadliest Anarchy ServerⒶ⚑ | custom


    No rules, no protection, hard difficulty. You spawn a few hundred blocks at random near world coordinates 0, 0. The world is unforgiving.

    Do anything you want, anywhere. Only other players can tell you what to do – that is, they can try.

    The goal is to escape the harsh lanned of banned players and get back to the realm of Minecraft Multiplayer.

    To do this, you will need grit, strength, and a way to travel to the edge of the world. Only there can you find escape.

    For more help and info join the Discord:

    Custom features:

  • Giants are enabled and hostile like Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, etc
  • Obtainable Titles via feats of gameplay
  • Tweaked vanilla difficulty
  • Gapple recipe re-added for new versions
  • Craftable End Turrets that will target and eliminate hostile mobs
  • Capture hostile players with End Prisons
  • Categories
    Anarchy Class Dynmap Faction Factionsmcmmo Factionsurvival Mcmmo Mythicmobs Pvp Roleplay Rpg Rpgserver Rpgsurvival Survival

    Magnus Malum


    What kind of server are you looking for? Survival? Roleplay? Factions? RPG? PVP? Anarchy?
    This server has a little bit of everything, for everyone.
    (light-anarchy, tbh)

    Magnus Malum is a world that brings out the true nature of people, if given the chance…

    And we’ve geared this server for players to quite literally take over the world.
    We have our own website with a tutorial, and our discord has one as well. They will give an informative guide on what the server has and how to use it. Check us out at or our invite code is: 73bm76z

    But a quick summary:

    This server is light-anarchy. The ONLY rules to this server is no racist remarks, and no ruining the integrity of the server. (Lag machines, Exploit/Hacking) Apart from that, we have geared the server for players to take over if they wanted to become the King or Queen of either their own kingdom, or their entire land. To start a Kingdom, you need a faction. There are 3 ways to gain a faction, and they are the same as how old kingdoms started. Buy a faction with your in-game wealth, gain a large following, or complete a legendary task.

    This server is also RPG based. We use MythicMobs Premium and MMOCore Premium with custom classes and skills that will be added as time goes by.
    It’s also RP based!
    We include /me commands for roleplayers, but you won’t be kicked for things like “RKing” so be careful, and be wary when interacting with others.

    Lastly, the Gods have not abandoned this world. They just choose not to interfere. Dungeons with insane loot and vendors will be added for players to explore, created by the Gods.

    Some vendors sell collectibles as well!

    What are you waiting for? Come check us out.


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